Meaning of symbols in SkyShowtime movies and series

If you have already subscribed to the fashion streaming platform, SkyShowtime, surely you have come across different symbols next to the content you want to see. Some are quite simple since you’ve seen them thousands of times, but others seem somewhat confusing, although quite “fun” and original.

Well, explain to you that these icons are part of what is known as Kijkwijzer or also Cinechecka Dutch rating system in use since early 2001 to provide information on the potential harmful effects of filmsvideos or series in young people.

In a nutshell, they show the characteristics of that film and the estimated “maturity” to be able to view it.

This system was born with the aim of receiving information about the content of the productions, particularly about violence, fear content, sexual representations, discrimination, drug abuse and foul language and SkyShowtime has wanted to use it for your streaming platform.


SkyShowtime Content and Age Rating Icons

The first thing that Kijkwijzer shows you, or in this case that you can see on SkyShowtime, is an age classification: all ages, 6 years old, 9 years old, 12 years old, 14 years old, 16 years old and 18 years old. There is little to explain here, since It refers to the recommended minimum age to watch a movie or series.

For example, an icon with the number 6 represents that this content seeks to protect children from images not suitable for their age and the 18-year-old announces that you should not see it if you are not an adult.

On the other hand, and the icons that may be somewhat more complex, refer to the following aspects: violence, fear, sex, smoking/alcohol/drugs, foul language, and discrimination (in that order as you can see in the previous image).


In the case of the symbol of violence, SkyShowtime explains that “Children who see violence can become aggressive or frightened. They can also start thinking about violence easily. There are a number of factors that determine how great the probability of these harmful effects is. For example: how real the violence is , if blood can be seen or if violence is rewarded”.

The symbol of discrimination, which really seems the newest (although really useful), wants you to know that that movie or series that you are going to contains discriminatory aspects based on race, religion, sexual preference, gender or nationality. Instead of canceling that content, they explicitly show you this symbol (the last one that can be seen in the previous image).

Of course, it is really necessary that any content include this symbology and that it be perfectly aligned with the films and series. That everyone can know what to expect before clicking is a great point in favor of platforms like SkyShowtime.

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