Microsoft 365 Copilot: the ChatGPT for Office that writes documents, emails and presentations

This week seems to be the one that all companies have chosen to show their news in terms of Artificial Intelligence. At the beginning of the week we saw the launch of the model GPT-4 and, today, two announcements of enormous importance have been made: Microsoft Copilot and Midjourney V5.

We’ve already talked about the second, so now it’s Microsoft Copilot’s turn. You may have missed several chapters of the latest AI news, but GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 caused quite a stir when they were released. Microsoft seized the moment and has been betting on this AI ever since.

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Today the announcement is of vital importance since Copilot is the integration of AI in the different Microsoft programs. Yes, now the ability to generate texts automatically through a sentence comes to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and among other applications that are integrated into Microsoft 365.

The surprise that it has generated is enormous, and it is that, with GPT-4 just out of the oven demonstrating its enormous capabilities that can be tested in Microsoft Bing. Now the integration of AI within the service of Microsoft office products is a great step in the advancement and, above all, the usefulness of AIs.

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Microsoft Copilot is official and it means that you will have ChatGPT in office programs

Having a huge number of possibilities, Microsoft Copilot has also raised doubts about it. Among these doubts, the fact of how Microsoft Copilot will be implemented in Microsoft 365 programs stands out. According to the examples presented, it is found that files can be combined just by giving an order to this new AI.

This is not all and, in fact, what has been exposed is that Microsoft Copilot will be able to create documents from scratch with just one sentence. Come on, it’s that it will have all the capabilities that ChatGPT has and, therefore, it can be used to write papers, summaries, letters, and even imaginative texts, such as poems or stories of any kind.

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Microsoft Copilot has been released, although it is not yet available to all users. Only a small group of people have access to this implementation of the AI in Microsoft programs. It is completely unknown when will be the date on which Microsoft offers all users this new AI integration in your different programs.

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