Microsoft is testing a cryptocurrency wallet built into the Edge browser and that would work

Although the cryptocurrency market is not going through very good times, it is true that it is a fairly popular niche, with a multitude of options for users, not only talking about Bitcoin, but also about other digital currencies.

However, for many users it is extremely difficult to start in the world of cryptocurrenciesbasically because they do not know how digital wallets work or do not trust the wallets that are currently on the market.

Well, one of the most popular browsers at the moment, Edge, integrated into Windows 10 and Windows 11, seems to be preparing a cryptocurrency wallet within the browser itself.

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According to screenshots taken by Albacore, via arstechnicathat feature is currently in internal testing, and it’s one of many money and shopping related options and features that Microsoft is integrating into the operating system and also into the browser.

This cryptocurrency wallet will be integrated into the Edge browser itself, so it would not be necessary to install any extension. You can handle multiple types of digital currencies, not just Bitcoinand is capable of recording transactions and their value.

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It would have an “explore” tab that offers relevant news about the world of cryptocurrencies and another tab on NFT assets.

It is a non-custodial wallet

It should be clarified that it would be a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, that is, the user would be the sole owner and responsible for their passwords and recovery keys.

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In this way, in one place we would have all our cryptocurrencies, transactions, and in a completely secure way as long as we do not lose the password or the recovery keys.

You also have to be aware that it is being tested internally, and that it could be a feature that will never be installed in a stable version, so its hypothetical installation will have to be closely monitored.

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