Microsoft technical support uses a pirated “crack” to activate Windows 10 for a user

When you install Windows 10 on a computer, you need activate the license. The problem is when that license is not activated, and neither the official technical support gets it. The solution: resort to a pirate hack

The DRM of windows it has always been a nightmare, even for legal users. Legal keys that don’t work, Windows reinstalls turning off, etc. And it seems that sometimes it happens to official technical support too.

The pirated Microsoft Technical Service

A South African YouTuber who is also a programmer, Wesley Pyburn, bought a Windows 10 Pro license in the Microsoft Storeat full price, 200 dollars.

This license it can be activated in different ways, depending on whether or not it is an OEM, serves a single PC or several, etc.

Normally, by entering a 25 character code in the activation of Windows 10, in the settings, be enough. In other cases you have to associate it with a Microsoft account that you create.

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Wesley Pyburn tried both methods, but the license would not activate. Despite having been purchased from the Microsoft Store, which by the way has stopped selling Windows 10 licenses in some countries.

He called the technical service, but they couldn’t activate the license either. So the Technical Service operator asked him remote access via Quick Access… and activated a crack pirate for bypass protection, and activate Windows. You can see it here:

As explained BleepComputerthis official Microsoft Technical Service worker accessed the web massgrave.devand ran a script that download and install a crack for disable windows app.

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One of the creators of this crack, WindowsAddict, confirms that it is used for just that, and that it is not the first time they have used it: “This is the second time someone has reported here that it is being used by Microsoft support agents. It’s not official or legal“.

These agents are under a lot of pressure to close consultation tickets successfullyand it seems that hack windows was the quickest solution instead of offering another license to the customer.

Kingston SSD drive in a laptop

The problem is that not only It is illegalbut also has converted a legal copy of Windows 10 Pro of 200 dollars, in a pirated copy that it has not been activated, so you could have problems if you have to use technical support again. And sometimes these cracks are used to introduce malware into the PC.

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The only reason I paid was to prevent rootkits and other malware. And now technical support goes and they crack it for me“said the victim.

BleepComputer has contacted Microsoft: ” We strive to offer the best support to our customers. The technique you describe would be against our policy. We are investigating this event and will take appropriate steps to ensure proper procedures are followed in relation to customer support for our products and services.“.

Maybe what I should investigate Microsoftis why the technical service is unable to activate a Windows 10 license legally, until they reach a point of desperation, where it pays them to use a pirate crack to skip activation.

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