Midjourney V5 is here: images with double the resolution, more realistic and with fewer errors

This may be the week of launches in Artificial Intelligence. Just a couple of days ago we learned that the new GPT-4 model was already available and now it has been launched Midjourney V5. This new version of the generative AI of images It has caused a huge stir in networks and, in fact, many users have begun to test its capabilities.

In fact, the improvements that come with this new generative artificial intelligence engine offer a series of advantages over the previous version. Among these improvements is a higher quality of image when generating results and, in fact, these results will have twice the resolution of the previous engine.

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Not only improvements have been made at the technical level of quality or resolution. The ability to deliver different results at the style level has also been improved. This may not be to everyone’s liking and, is that, the controversy about the use of any type of generative AI continues to cause a stir by using artists font without their consent.

Midjourney V5 now has a greater range of styles to choose from when generating images. In addition, it integrates a broader support for different textures and image formats with a greater width than seen now. The improvements do not stop there, corrections have also been made to problems seen so far.

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Midjourney is updated: this is Midjourney V5 and these are its improvements

Among the different problems that have been seen so far, what stands out the most is that, when it comes to generating images of people, the hands are usually a huge problem. In fact, the problem is based on the fact that it is difficult for him to guess the number of fingers to integrate into people’s hands and, unfortunately, this also happens with the teeth.

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Even with Midjourney’s enormous realism, when generating smiles the number of teeth was completely unrealistic and creepy. Of course, all these improvements are of no use if Midjourney V5 is not capable of understanding the requests of the users and this feature has just been modified to make it work optimally.

As indicated, Midjourney V5 is able to understand text inputs in a more conscious way. What this indicates is that it is always better to provide more detail when creating an image. By doing this there is a much better chance of getting the results you have in mind.

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