More than 10 dead by floods in areas devastated by the earthquake in Turkey

A family leaves the camp in Diyarbakir, where they stayed after the earthquake in February, due to the rains.

A family leaves the camp in Diyarbakir, where they stayed after the earthquake in February, due to the rains.


At least fourteen people have died and five are missing due to the floods in several of the Turkish provinces that on February 6 were devastated by two earthquakes that left more than 48,000 dead, and where camps where victims of the attacks were sheltering have now been flooded. earthquakes.

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The Turkish Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu, reported that in the province of Adiyaman two people died and another two are missing after heavy rains caused a flood of water that washed away a prefabricated house where a family was staying who lost your home during earthquakes.

The office of the governor of Sanliurfa, another of the eleven regions affected by the earthquakes, indicated that the bodies of four people who were dragged by the water to a low level pass have been located.

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Hours later, another five bodies were found in the basement of a Sanliurfa house, which were identified as Syrian refugees, and a car was found with two other drowned people.

Also in a rural area of ​​the province, one person died, bringing the death toll in Sanliurfa to twelve, confirmed Soylu, with a momentary balance of fourteen deaths in the region and five people still missing.

Two missing firefighters were eventually found alive, but a man who was struck by lightning while driving his tractor in a field remains in critical condition.

In the city of Sanliurfa, heavy rains that began last night have inundated the streets, washing away vehicles and inundating businesses and homes.

A medical center had to evacuate admitted patients to the upper floors of the building, and schools have suspended classes.

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In the Malatya province, also affected by the earthquakes, several tent camps where earthquake victims are sheltering have been flooded due to the rains, HalkTV reported.

The weather forecast indicated that the rains will continue in the area and warn of the possibility that floods will also affect Diyarbakir, another of the provinces affected by the earthquakes that have left thousands of people homeless.

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