Motorola Moto G42 with OLED screen, reduced to only 179 euros

Little by little, it has become more common to see OLED screens on mid-range mobiles, such as the Nothing Phone (1) or the Pixel 7, although the same is not the case with the input range, which at most can take some cases to equip AMOLED panels. With that being said, it now appears that there is a rather important exception.

We are referring to an attractive mobile that we have also been able to test, the Motorola Moto G42, which you can buy for, attention, 179 euros on Amazon, a real bargain since the panel alone takes a good part of the cost. While this discount lasts, it clearly becomes one of the best quality-price phones.

Of course, with the OLED it has an image quality that is absolutely beyond the reach of all its competitors, but it is also that there are some more elements that, even being a basic mobile, make it very worthwhile.

A good example of this would be the sound, which is added to the image to make it an excellent mobile for watching videos of all kinds, whether they are series, movies or streaming, whatever you prefer, although that means that, for example, you have to do sacrifices in power or charging speed.

It is quite clear that Motorola has wanted to differentiate itself here from brands like Xiaomi or Realme, which firmly dominate the entry range because they usually offer more power for less money, but in no case do they sell an OLED mobile for less than 200 euros, that No.

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As a positive point, in his analysis we loved the battery autonomy. Unless you use applications with intensive energy consumption, such as games, for example, you will have two days of battery life without too much stress. The load is 18W, not as fast as we are used to but not maddeningly slow either.

Since the offer comes from Amazon, you do not have to pay shipping costs. This is how it is in orders of this amount to this store, which for now is far removed with the price of the Moto G42 from all the other stores, which continue to sell it for more than 200 euros in all the cases that we have looked at.

If you also had an account Amazon Primeit would arrive much faster, in just one day from when you place the order, although it depends a lot on the area of ​​Spain in which you live.

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