Netflix adds a new function to “kick” unwanted users from your account

As you well know, Netflix wants more users so that the business can get the benefits they expected in 2023. The problem is that growing indefinitely is difficult, if not impossible. This caused account sharing, something promoted by the service itself, to end last month.

Despite the fact that many users claim to be able to watch Netflix on different sites with the same account, the reality is that millions of users have left Netflix after being coerced by the service. And not only because of that, but also because of the price: almost 20 euros a month if you want to watch content in 4K.

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This has generated a lot of discomfort among longtime customers, those who have been subscribed to the American service in Spain since 2015. Price increases in recent years and the reduction of user options they have created a cocktail that is not very beneficial for the interests of the company.

Despite everything, today there are several million customers who continue to pay and enjoy Netflix without problems. And for all of them, today we are showing you the new streaming platform tool to find out who is on your account and to be able to kick them out without fear of missing out on the latest premiere.

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netflix and accounts

How to know who has logged into our Netflix account

To find out who is using Netflix With your account you only have to enter Netflix (through the PC if possible) and enter your profile. Once inside, click on the user icon at the top right and click on Manage Profiles.

Now we go to Security and Privacy. And there we click on the new section called Manage access and devices. You have all this in the image above. In the capture that you have under these lines you will find the following step: see all connected devices.

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netflix and accounts

As can be seen all the profiles that have connected to your Netflix account appear and you can see the day, time and device they used. Without a doubt, a very useful tool if you want to know if someone besides you is using the account.

If you and your family/friends can still share a Netflix account, you’re in luck., since this problem has not been made effective in all clients. So make the most of it while you can.

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