Netflix puts the batteries with the shared accounts and activates the access codes for 14 days

The end of free password sharing Netflix has started. The service began rolling out a system that charges fees for ‘additional member’ sub-accounts when people outside of a household use the same account, and has launched in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

During years, Netflix was relatively benevolent about password sharing. Just remember that the platform tweeted “love is sharing a password” once and founder Reed Hastings said in 2016 that he loves it when people share Netflix. Things seem to have changed.

Last year, Netflix began testing ways to monetize account sharing after posting its biggest subscriber losses in a decade.

Add to all this these new cheaper ad-supported subscriptions, hoping to entice more people to pay for Netflix if they’re looking for cheaper prices.

Netflix warnings are already reaching users

“This TV is not connected to the primary location for this account”. As you can see in the message, Netflix detects that you are accessing from a foreign locationso he suggests creating a account to continue with the platform service.

However, the message also offers the possibility to manage the main location and even check the option ‘I’m traveling’. The first one, ‘Manage primary location’, will help to set the primary network location of that same TV, while the ‘I’m traveling’ option allows you to obtain an additional 14 days to continue accessing the platform.

netflix popcorn

In this sense, a code will be sent to the main email or telephone number that the account holder must share with the user so that they can continue accessing Netflix.

Through this code system it is possible to extend the access to the platform without too many problems. However, it is very likely that in a while you will not even have this option and it will be relegated exclusively to mobile devices, since Netflix’s idea is that each home have your own account.

With all this, it is true that this message seems to arrive gradually, since there are still users who can access the service without problems and without any kind of warning appearing. We will have to pay attention to the coming weeks to find out how this new system of the platform from Netflix.

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