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Nike leads among the most valuable sports brands; veja or top 10

Nike leads the ranking of the most valuable sports brands in the world;  confirm or top 10

The sport is a great ally of TV stations and sponsors of championships, athletes and clubs, plus one of the things that more wins with or through sports brands. TO Nike It is the most valuable in the sector, in terms of market value, followed by the international television network ESPN hey adidas.

Between 2018 and 2019, the value of Nike’s assets was two times higher than that of Adidas and four times higher than that of Under Armour. Considering all brands, Nike represents 38% of the sports footwear market.

The largest manufacturer of sports equipment in the world has a value of US$ 36.8 billion (approximately R$ 164 billion), according to the ranking of Forbes magazine.

A Forbes considers various factors to raise or ranking of brand values, such as:

  • bandages
  • communication
  • financial results

A Nike, famous hair symbol “swoosh”, or the ‘guarda-chuva deitado’, has a still more space to grow, já that renewed with a National Football League (NFL), the most famous American football league on the planet. Nike renewed the league at 2028.

1- Nike

The giant of the sector hardly dominates American sports. Nike is one of the protagonists in European football, sponsoring various clubs in the most famous leagues such as:

  • bundesliga (German)
  • The league (Spain)
  • Premier League (England)
  • Series TO (Italy)
  • flirt 1 (France)

The company also sponsors some of the two most important players in the world. na World Cup In 2018, Nike sponsored 132 of the 200 players ranked by Forbes as the most ‘influential’ of the high-level soccer scene.

2 – ESPN

After Nike, we fear, no ranking from Forbes, to ESPN. Even though it is not a clothing brand, the North American sports network has an estimated market value of US$ 13.1 billion. The company registered a growth of 40% in the last four years in its receipt of signing programs carried out.

Founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen, ESPN is one of the best sports networks in the world. The company, therefore, began to expand between the years 1990 and 2000.

3 – Adidas

The third placed on the podium of the most valuable sports brands, with a value of US$ 11.2 billion, a third of Nike, is adidas. The company, famous for three lists, is losing more and more of its space when it comes to the monopoly in the soccer world. Likewise, the company has various strong partnerships, such as the rich agreement of more than US$ 900 million with Bayern de Munique.

In 2010, during the South African World Cup, an event with 26 billion spectators, the company sponsored 200 athletes and 12 national teams. Adidas has strong marketing. The company recently had a partnership made together with the star of the artistic world, Beyoncè, for the launch of an exclusive line of clothes and shoes.

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TO adidas It started with a brand especially focused on the performance of two athletes, in 1949. “The 80s were marked by innovation. Sports will influence culture, music will influence fashion and evolving technology. Adidas has taken important steps and helped athletes of all types”, highlights the company on its site.

4 – Gatorade

EITHER Gatorade It is in fourth place in the Forbes ranking with US $ 6.7 billion in value. The company reaches 77% of the energy drink market, leaving its first rival, Powerade, with close to 15%.

The company emerged in 1965 and was created by four medical researchers from the University of Florida: Robert Cade, Dana Shires, Harry James Free and Alejandro de Quesada. The company’s products are sold in 60 countries around the world. Today, in Brazil, the company sponsors soccer clubs, in addition to being a leader in its isotonic market.

5 – Sky Sports

In fifth position, it is the British network sky sportswith a value of US$ 4.4 billion, which fell one position in relation to the 2018 ranking. The increase in the Premier League audience ratings, broadcast on Sky Sports, grew 12% and did not let the company’s value fall so much ranking.

6 – Cougar

A manufacturer of clothing and sports shoes Cougar is in sixth place, with a brand value of US$ 4 billion. The Puma has shown a large increase in recent years. Isso owes much to the fact of a partnership with the international music star, Rihanna, and sponsorship of the king of athletics tracks, the most powerful image of the brand, Usain Bolt, two of the most influential sports players on the planet. Even though he was selected from the top 10 two athletes who are worth more in the market due to the end of his career as a sprinter, Bolt is still one of the figures that adds more value to Puma.

7 – Under Armor

TO Under Armor, in seventh place, with a value of US $ 3.5 billion, shows the strength of the sports clothing and footwear brands. Even as one has been registered in its profits for the last two years of operational revenue, the brand is still among the protagonists of the sports world. The company sponsors sports idols, such as the Basquete player Stephen Currystarry Golden State Warriors (gives nba) He is the most valuable player in the North American Basketball League for two times. The value of Under Armor shares has fallen 36% since 2016.

8 – CFU

The eighth position was as good as UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship), which has US $ 2.4 billion in market value. The Las Vegas Martial Arts League, which has a large audience and a 7-year partnership with Disney for broadcasting events, has become strong in the market with media personalities such as Conor McGregor. Not Brazil, the ficou brand famous thanks to fighters like: Vitor Belfort, anderson SilvaMinotaur and José Aldo.

9 – Yes

No 9th place on the Forbes list, it is on the sports channel Forksnot very popular in Brazil, but has aroused the interest of Amazon and has US$ 1.5 billion in market value.

10 – Reeboks

TO reeboks, worth US$ 800 million, which has remained in the numbers for the last two years, but recently returned to profit, date to the list of the ten most valuable brands in the sports universe. It is worth noting that, not Brazil, recently, Nikefirst placed in the Forbes Ranking, sells its operations to the Centauro sports equipment store.

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