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Nike leads investment in sports sponsorship and Adidas prevails in soccer | ECONOMY

The struggle between the two main world sports sponsorship brands places the American Nike as the leader in 2021 with an investment of US$ 1,673 million (1,364 million euros), ahead of the German Adidas, leader in soccer with 1,026 million dollars. (836 million euros).

Despite the impact of the pandemic, it is estimated that between Nike and Adidas they will invest during 2021 more than US$ 3,000 million (2,500 million euros) in sports sponsorships between the two, according to company data. Global Data Sport Intelligence disclosed by the consultant KPMG.

The multi-sport strategy of Nike puts him in the lead with an investment of US$ 1,673 million (1,364 million euros), of which half (US$ 834 million, 679 million euros) will go to soccer.

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The company from Oregon (United States) distributes the other half in four sports, among which basketball stands out (US$ 352 million, 286 million euros), with which it has an eight-season agreement from the 2017-2018 season to dress all the franchises for about US$ 125 million per year (101 million euros) to which he adds contracts with several of the main stars.

The disbursement in sponsorship of Nike It is completed with American football, to which it contributes US$194 million in sponsorships in 2021 (158 million in euros) as it is the official brand of the NFL, the US$100 million (81 million euros) that it contributes to baseball, where he also sponsors the MLB American, and the same amount to golf, where he supports stars like Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy.

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For his part, adidas focuses almost three quarters of its sponsorship resources (73%) on soccer, which is equivalent to US$ 1,026 million (836 million euros), with contracts such as Real Madrid, which is estimated to represent around 120 million euros per campaign

The other quarter of the sponsorship contracts that the German company feeds are distributed mainly between futsal (US$ 105 million, 85 in euros) in which it is the brand of the official ball of the Champions League; ice hockey (US$ 72 million, 58 million euros) in which it sponsors the North American NHL; beach soccer (US$50 million, €40 million) and basketball (US$48 million, €39 million).

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A very striking result of these data, and which reflects the relevance of the American sports industry, is that university sports in the United States is an absolute priority for both brands: Nike invests 8% of its sponsorship spending on it (US$ 130 million, 105 million euros), which would make it its fourth ‘sport’ by investment, while for Adidas it would be the second, since it invests more than US$ 106 million (86 million euros) in university athletes in the United States ).

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