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Nike remains at the top of the world’s most valuable clothing brands | TRENDS

Nikethe sportswear brand, retains the title of the most valuable clothing brand in the world, according to the ranking BrandZ. With a value of US$47.4 billion, Nike it remains in the lead for the second consecutive year thanks to its “constant communication and storytelling on all channels,” says a statement from WPP and Kantar, in charge of the list.

The scores of Nike in the measurements of BrandZ of Trust, Activism, Equity and Responsibility have increased steadily over the last six years.

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follow the steps zara, although compared to the leading brand, with a considerably lower value, which reaches US$22,581 million. In fact, zara faced a variation of -16% versus the previous year.

And it is that the greater awareness of the consumer about the environmental cost of fast fashion is beginning to impact brand values ​​for fashion retailers. Among these is precisely zara and H&M, that despite being in the top 10 its brand value decreased 39%.

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BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Clothing Brands in the World of 2019

BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Clothing Brands in the World of 2019

Close the podium adidas which raised its value by 13% to US$13.4 billion. Indeed, according to WPP and Kantar, adidas and Nike introduced high-priced, limited-edition products in collaboration with other luxury fashion brands.

adidas created collections with Alexander Wang, for example, while collaborations with Nike they included one with Ronnie Fief, a New York streetwear and sneaker retailer.

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beyond the podium
Levi’s, the legendary jean brand, enters the apparel rankings at No. 9 with a brand value of $2.4 billion ahead of its IPO this year. After years of women choosing yoga pants over jeans, Levi’s has refocused its positioning on women in recent years.

Meanwhile, lululemon It was the brand that grew the fastest with a 94% increase in value compared to 2018, ranking fifth.

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