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Nike Retains Its Position As The Most Valuable Clothing Brand In The World | ECONOMY

WPP and Kantar presented the BrandZ ranking corresponding to the most valuable clothing brands in the world. For this edition, as for the previous year, the sports brand Nike ranked first.

According to the report, communication and storytelling, among which the campaign carried out with Colin Kaepernick stands out, were drivers of national debate, showing strengths in his leadership. With this, the brand registered a value of US$47.360 million, according to the report, which meant a growth of 23% compared to the amount registered for the last measurement.

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The top 3 most valuable brands in this industry completed it zara and adidas. In the case of the Spanish brand, there was a 16% drop in its value, which for this year was established at US$ 22,581 million. However, this decrease was not enough for it to fall to third place, which is occupied by Adidas, whose value rose 7% and was calculated at US$13.355 million.

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Lululemon was the one that showed the highest growth among the 10 most valuable, since the variation of its brand value with respect to last year was 77%, which was enough for it to reach fifth place, with US$6,921 million in value.

The brand H&M It was shown to be the one that fell the most in this period, after losing 28% of its brand value, which is estimated to be US$6.38 billion. With this, said brand went from fourth to sixth position as the most valuable.

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Likewise, this year’s report saw the entry of three new companies to the list of the ten most valuable: The North FaceLevi’s and Ralph Laurenwhich occupied cells 8, 9 and 10, respectively.

(Photo: La República newspaper of Colombia)

(Photo: La República newspaper of Colombia)

La Republica newspaper (Colombia)
Ibero-American Network of Economic Newspapers (RIPE)

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