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Nike Retains the Title of Most Valuable Clothing Brand in the World | ECONOMY

Nike, the brand for athletes and fashion trendsetters, is the most valuable clothing brand for the second year in a row with a value of US$ 47.4 billion, according to the Brandz 2019 global ranking.

BrandZ is the only brand valuation ranking that combines the analysis of the financial performance of companies with the opinions of millions of consumers surveyed in more than 50 markets around the world.

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In this way, said classification explains that Nike’s constant communication and storytelling on all channels, including its advertising campaign with American football player Colin Kaepernick, sparked a national social debate, which helped reinforce the credentials of Nike. brand leadership despite initial backlash from some consumers.

Nike’s scores on the BrandZ measures of Trust, Activism, Fairness and Accountability have risen steadily over the past six years.

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The second most valuable clothing brand is Zara with a value of USD 22.581 million, and in third place is Adidas, with a brand value of USD 13.400 million.

The study points out that both Adidas and Nike have introduced high-priced limited-edition products in collaboration with luxury fashion brands. Adidas created collections with Alexander Wang, for example, while Nike collaborations included one with New York sneaker and streetwear retailer Ronnie Fief. This generated additional income, but also heavily influenced the most popular part of the product range.

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It is worth mentioning that Levi’s, the legendary jean brand, entered this clothing ranking at number 9 with a brand value of US$ 2.4 billion before going public this year.

Source: Kantar

Source: Kantar

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