No more waiting: buy the PS5 on Amazon is now possible at the official price and without queues

As you have surely noticed if you have been following up on everything that happened around the launch and subsequent sale of PS5it is increasingly easier to find stock of the console both in its standard and digital edition, something unthinkable until very recently, and it is no longer necessary to go to resale stores for it: Amazon itself sells units at official prices.

For only 549 euros you can buy a PS5 on Amazon, without cheating or cardboard and without having to queue for it. Until just a few days ago you had to wait for the store to send you an invitation, but that no longer happens and you can get it without games or extra accessories and without paying more.

The PS5 Digital It is also there, of course, and it is somewhat more affordable, in addition to accessories for PS5 such as controls, cables, and supports, which you will need yes or yes depending on what cases, such as to play in local multiplayer.

sony playstation 5

The flagship console of the new generation of Sony is now available. With SSD storage and an extensive catalog of exclusives, it promises to be a hit again for years to come.

Until very recently, the usual thing was to stand in line to buy it and then wait for it to be sent home, something that could take many weeks and that has just changed, since Amazon, for example, sends it free and express , in just one or two days depending on the area of ​​Spain in which you live.

That makes many people think about it, people who have been waiting for years and who in the meantime have chosen to either extend their commitment to PS4 or PS4 Pro or simply buy one. xbox series s to squeeze Game Pass, something more common than one might think until a few years ago.

The good news is that more and more high-level games continue to arrive in the PS5 catalog, whether they are exclusives like the Last of Us remaster or the new God of War or multiplatform releases like Hogwarts Legacy, a real sensation for being one of the most anticipated titles for quite some time.

Offers on video games and consoles on Telegram

Offers on video games and consoles on Telegram

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Depending on what you want to play, you may be interested in looking for a pack that includes a game, although in any case the price of the console without anything else is practically unbeatable, since you can then buy the games you want at the most competitive price you can find.

Since we are talking about the standard edition of the PlayStation 5, you have an extra advantage: you can share games with your friends, physical games, as well as buy them second-hand or sell them when you have completed them, something that is not possible for now with digital games.

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