Nowy Sącz learned the secrets of marketing at the Internet ASAP conference!

The first training marketing breakfast in the series is behind us Internet ASAP. It took place in Nowy Sącz at the Ibis Style hotel. The first conference organized in this city by the Abanana agency, under the slogan “How to sell well, or building a brand on the Internet and not only”, aroused the interest of many people.

The event was attended by representatives of business – large and small companies, to explore the secrets of marketing and expand practical knowledge in this field. As the field is vast, research-based and firmly rooted in market realities, several speakers have undertaken to educate interested parties:

  • Łukasz Wołek, the owner of the Abanana agency, acquainted the participants with the idea of ​​Facebook and Instagram, and also explained what to do to make communication with clients effective;
  • Hubert Wydrych from the Head of Product Unamo Social Media discussed the issues of Internet monitoring, pointed out the possibilities of tracking not only one’s own activities in social networking sites, but also potential customers and competitors;
  • Jakub Kozioł, vice-president of PROIDEA and Andrzej Targosz, president of Eventory, presented the benefits of organizing events and the use of tools that can be used to collect data at concerts, conferences and other events gathering numerous recipients of company activities.

Organizing Internet ASAP in Nowy Sącz was a good move due to the lack of similar events in this city, which translated into the interest of companies such as Fakro, Newag, Szubryt etc. in our conference. We hope that the next editions will be equally engaging – said Łukasz Wołek after the lecture. – It was great that during the discussion panel many people joined the conversation – it always builds the speaker when he sees that the participants listened to him and can share their observations. This is often a way to collect feedback – added Hubert Wydrych. – We are glad that we got involved in this edition of Internet ASAP. Conferences for marketers should also be held in smaller cities so that local specialists do not have to travel all over the country – noted the speakers dealing with events – Jakub Kozioł and Andrzej Targosz.

After the meeting, an evaluation survey was conducted among the participants. The greatest advantages of the conference were: interesting topics, location of the meeting, innovative solutions and the willingness and opportunity to exchange experiences.

The next meetings will take place on May 31 in Katowice and June 7 in Kielce. More information:

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