Old man survived a week in his car that was trapped by snow

The police helicopter found the car stuck in the snow after a cell signal was traced to an area along Death Valley Road.

The police helicopter found the car stuck in the snow after a cell signal was traced to an area along Death Valley Road.

Photo: California Highway Patrol

Jerry Jouret, is the name of the old man who, after leaving his house on the mountain, located in Big Pine, California, experienced a frightening event; his car was buried in the snowproduct of the strong storms that hit the western part of the United States.

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He February 24ththe 81-year-old man was heading to his place of residence in the state of Nevada, when after driving approximately half an hour and ending up on a smaller road by accident, his truck got stuck in a block of snow.

It was more than five days without hearing from Jerry. Christian Jourethis grandson, told the BBC that they had given up hope of finding him alive. However, this man, who had worked for NASA, claims he survived thanks to some biscotti (a pistachio cookie), about Croissants and the melting snow, which allowed him to stay hydrated.

According to the grandson’s account, Jerry, although he was only wearing a light jacket, was able to maintain his body temperature thanks to a quilt and towel that were in the car. Christian assures that his grandfather did not panic and rather put into practice what he learned from the television series “Survivor”which he used to watch with his wife.

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“Everything was a miracle… It seemed incredible to us that a man who had done so many things in his life, would get trapped in his car and die of hypothermia,” said the grandson in an interview with the BBC.

a late rescue

He March 9, six days after the events, a helicopter was able to approach the place where the car was, thanks to the fact that the authorities were able to track a cell phone signal in a nearby area. Rescuers put Jerry in a helicopter and took him to a hospital.

According to the BBC, the nurses were surprised to find the man’s vital signs completely normal, with no indication of hypothermia. In addition, the grandson narrates that his grandfather yelled at him for joy over the phone.

The rescue was delayed because of previous flights other pilots mistook the truck for a rock and passed by. Also, the inclement temperatures slowed down the search. While all this was going on, Jerry managed to make the car battery last for about three days, allowing him to roll down the car window so he could catch some snow and eat some of the food he had with him.

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Although everything was made more difficult when the van’s battery died due to the rolling up and down of the window, but luckily two days later the rescuers came to his window.

His grandson assured that “I cried a lot. I didn’t realize how much we take people’s presence in our lives for granted.”.

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