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One of the main Nike and Adidas shoe makers in Vietnam to cut 6,000 jobs

The company PouYuenone of the largest sports shoe manufacturers in Vietnam and supplier to brands such as Nike and adidaswill cut 6,000 jobs this month due to the drop in the number of international orders.

A document from the Ho Chi Minh Department of Labor (formerly Saigon, the most populous city), indicates that due to a lack of orders, PouYuen Vietnam, a Vietnamese subsidiary of the Taiwanese group PouYuen, will lay off 3,000 workers in February and leave without renew the contracts of another 3,000, the Zing news portal reported on Monday.

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The document cited by Zing indicates that the affected workers will receive the news this Saturday, February 25 and that they will stop going to work, but they will continue to receive their salary until they receive the government unemployment benefit.

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PouYuen, the company that employs the most workers in Ho Chi Minh (around 50,000), last November forced 20,000 of them to rotate to take their paid vacation days in the following three months due to the lack of work in the factory.

Despite the good economic growth data (8% in 2022), more than 630,000 workers lost their jobs or saw their number of hours cut in 2022, due in part to the drop in demand in the manufacturing sectors.

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In parallel to these difficulties in one of the capital sectors in its economic development in the last three decades, Vietnam has received significant foreign investment in technological sectors, with the transfer to its territory of leading companies such as samsung, Manzana and Google.

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