Open the source ‘Bang Lamphu’, the area is popular, Chinese tourists flock to check in and decorate ‘Student uniform’ follows in the footsteps of famous people

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Open source, Bang Lamphu, a popular area, Chinese tourists check-in, dress up in ‘school uniform’, following in the footsteps of famous idols.

“Thai school uniform” has become a popular fashion among Chinese people for many years. and continues to be popular

Since 2021, after the series “Duk Mai 2” Girl from Nowhere with Nanno as the protagonist telling stories in the school fence has been released. The trend of popularity soared. Both in Thailand and China, which has reached the trend # 禁忌女孩 in the Weibo app

There is also a story little thing called love Thai film about first love in school which became famous in China as well As a result, in the group of bloggers, YouTubers and Chinese net idols. They ordered school uniforms to wear widely. Until it finally became viral.

little thing called love
Nan Noh

And recently (February 18th), a young actress from the City of Dragons like Ju Jing Yi or Xiaoju singer, actress The former member of SNH48 is famous for his role. “Nang Phaya White Snake” has come to travel in Thailand. and buy Thai students Embroidered as his own name in Thai as “Ju Jing E 991” before wearing it to travel in the heart of the capital like Bangkok

It’s called being extremely happy. because after returning to China She also went back and checked in a picture of herself in a school uniform and said that she “missed”.

The more it encourages the student uniform trend to be the most feverish. Especially among Chinese girls

– Queen of the White Snake ‘Ju Jing Yi’ wears ‘School uniform’ embroidered with Thai names, popular in the city of dragons Check-in Ratchaprasong
– The ‘Nano’ trend is strong across the country. Chinese girls shopping Thai school uniform
– 88 years from the Ministry of Justice’s regulations to the ‘school uniform’ fashion that Chinese tourists fly across the country to flock to shop

However, today (March 7), reporters in the area reported that the school uniform market Banglamphu area has become a new destination for Chinese tourists extremely popular A picture of tourists flocked to buy school uniforms to embroider their names in Thai. before traveling and keep pictures as impressions Following in the footsteps of famous idols continuously

However, for Banglamphu market, one of the most famous things is the clothing market. Which means including school uniforms, students, civil servants that have been popular for a long time with a complete range of fabric stores And services for sewing, embroidery, name embroidery, fabric repair and many others, including many, called to complete in one place There are also delicious things. to eat more

information from ‘Banglamphu Phiphit’ referring from Krung Rattanakosin Data Center Stated that Bang Lamphu is a famous place. because it is an important commercial market area There is an area on the northern side of Chakrabongse Road which connects to Samsen Road, withNararattanathan BridgeCross the Bang Lamphu Canal Sib Sam Hang Road and Wat Bowon Road, on the east side, adjacent toPhra Sumen Road is the line that is seen as a long line passing down in front of Wat Bowonniwet On the west side is Tanee Road, which is adjacent to Tanao Road.

Nowadays, Bang Lamphu is a center for many kinds of trade, including fabrics, clothing and food. There are shops located in the old Bang Lamphu building. and shops located on Sib Sam Hang Road, Bowonniwet Road, Samsen Road and Chakrabongse Road.

In addition, the Bang Lamphu area also has a Thai folk music community that is over a hundred years old. It is a learning center for playing music, singing, acting, playing and making Thai musical instruments. Including a meeting place for activities and practicing Thai music of famous musicians such as Khew Wijit, Duriyaphan, Ban Duriya Praneet, etc.

Bang Lamphu began to prosper when cutting Chakrabongse Road, continuing from Chao Fah Road up to the Nararatana Sathan Bridge. and cut Samsen Road from Nararattana Sathan Bridge up to Nakhon Chai Si Road Causing more houses on both sides of the road And when there are people there is a market to follow. which is known as Bang Lamphu Market ormarket yot

Ju Jing Yi, a Chinese actress wearing a Thai school uniform while vacationing in Thailand

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