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You have to go with the times. We know it, you know it and the Vatican, which decided to organize the first hackathon in its history, knows it. The initiative was led by Fr. Eric Salobir, Fr. Philip Larrey and Jakub Florkiewicz. The landmark event for the Vatican begins tomorrow.

The organizers emphasize the dialogue between various environments. In the spirit of this thought, people of various educational backgrounds, religions and ethnic backgrounds were invited to participate. In conversations with journalists, Fr. Eric Salobir has emphasized many times (on other occasions) that he wants a greater flow of thoughts and ideas between the technical world and the humanists.

Nearly 120 participants will work for 36 hours, covering topics such as social integration, interfaith dialogue, and issues related to migration and refugees.

Asked by The Next Web magazine about the marketing dimension of the campaign, Father Eric Salobir laughs. “We don’t have the time and resources for marketing, that’s not how it’s done. We want to be useful, which is why we chose these and not other problems to solve. Industry giants such as Google and Microsoft also joined the campaign.

It is impossible not to keep one’s fingers crossed for this initiative and count on its real response. After all, it has a chance to resonate not only among religious and academic circles, but also among other organizations that can spread their wings thanks to technology. Let VHack be a good example for them!

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