Paula Trápani, victim of insecurity: they broke the windows of her car and took her belongings

Paula Trápani was a victim of insecurity

Paula Trapani He experienced a bad moment this Thursday afternoon when one of the windows of his vehicle was broken with a piece of rubble and his belongings were stolen. This episode of insecurity for the journalist occurred in the Palermo neighborhood.

“Well, nice surprise. I came to look for the car that I left parked, Palermo, broad daylight, they threw that rubble at me and stole everything that was inside, ”said the journalist in the video that she published on her social networks and later showed on the program us in the morning (El Trece), where he works as a panelist.

“You know that it can happen to you at any time, it’s a roulette wheel. Broad daylight, the range between three and four in the afternoon, that I take my singing class, I left the car at the door as I always do. Full Palermo, Castillo and Juan B. Justo. It is an area where many taxi drivers park to rest, ”he said.

In addition, Trápani pointed out: “I went out, I saw my socks lying on the street and I said ‘they must have fallen off’. Did you see that sometimes when you get out of the car you throw something… They left the socks but hey, unfortunately one blames oneself. He had a lot of stuff in the car, maybe on display. I live far away, my car is a kind of walking trunk because I do a lot of activities and I had a lot of things”.

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When the driver asked her what had been stolen, the journalist replied: “My windows have anti-vandal film but they are not armored… I had two bags full of tennis rackets, a paddle tennis racket, various equipment, underwear, a toiletry bag with all my makeup, perfumes, everything”. Luckily, she had taken the computer with her and it was saved from being stolen.

Lastly, she explained that she had not found a police officer who could help her and until then she had not been able to file a complaint at a police station. Then, she asked if any neighbor in the area has security cameras, if they can please contact her to see if there is any filming of the robbery. Finally, she assured her very angrily: “I prefer to give them money and that they give me back all my things because it is one’s business. This is the third time the same thing has happened to me.”

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Last February, Fabian Rubino he faced firsthand a criminal act that left him in the hospital. It all happened while he was having a coffee in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, more precisely on Zapiola and Juramento. At that time, the journalist from A24 He was sitting at one of the tables when a child under the age of 12 approached with the intention of selling him a handkerchief and secretly took his cell phone.

In this way, he became a new victim of insecurity when the thief grabbed his belongings. Rubino, realizing the robbery, went out to run it. But he wasn’t counting on the chase going wrong. The journalist fainted in the middle of the race, with which he was injured and they immediately had to assist him. When he arrived at the health center they had to operate on him.

Although the event was recorded by the security cameras of the place, the movilero managed to pursue the young man who had taken his phone. That’s how he followed him for a few meters until he fainted. In that strong fall, he hit his head against the sidewalk and as a result of the strong impact he had to be treated urgently.

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This is how he should have been transferred to the nearby hospital that corresponded to him according to his health coverage. He himself recounted later that he suffered some cuts, many bruises and fractured one of his wrists. Due to these injuries, it is that they had to intervene surgically. “I fell, I never had a blow like the one I had. Five points in the eyebrow, they operated on me, they put two nails in me,” Rubino said.

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