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The president of Colombia asked the IACHR to issue precautionary measures in favor of the fallen president of the neighboring country.

The president of Colombia asked the IACHR to issue precautionary measures in favor of the fallen president of the neighboring country.

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The same day that the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, filed the labor reform, he met at the Casa de Nariño with the Argentine lawyer Guido Croxatto, the person in charge of leading the defense of the now imprisoned Pedro Castillo, former president of Peru.

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“Croxatto with Raúl Zaffaroni, both Argentines, are part of the current that guarantees the basic right for a democracy,” said the president on his Twitter account. In the same message, he refers to Castillo as “the president of Peru”, which is unknown to the person who has held the position for four months, Dina Boluarte.

It should be remembered that Castillo was imprisoned after announcing on open television a self-coup that included the dissolution of the Peruvian Congress. For this failed measure, he is being investigated, while he faces a preventive sentence of 36 months, a term that was recently extended.

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In this same meeting, Croxatto gave Petro a letter of short paragraphs where Castillo updated Petro on the situation of his defense, in addition to thanking him for the support that Petro has shown since Castillo left power on December 7.

“Allow me to tell you that the international strategy of my defense will be led by the Argentine lawyer Guido Leonardo Croxatto to whom I entrust this special task and make the corresponding coordination with the team and the brothers of the countries in this just cause. A huge hug, my brother president, thank you very much for his support and solidarity ”, reads the document leaked by The America Country.

How long will Pedro Castillo be in jail?

The Peruvian justice system extended to 36 months a week ago the preventive detention for alleged corruption of the former president Pedro Castlewho answers from prison on charges of rebellion after his failed self-coup in December.

In principle, the 53-year-old ex-president must remain behind bars until December 2025, while the prosecution advances in the investigations and decides his eventual summons to trial for both crimes.

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In a virtual hearing, Judge Juan Carlos Checkley ordered the second preventive sanction against Castleafter having given him 18 months for the attempt to unconstitutionally dissolve Congress.

“Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation imposes 36 months of preventive detention on Pedro Castle for being the alleged leader of a criminal organization for crimes committed in Petroperú and in the ministries of Transportation, and of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation,” the Judiciary said on Twitter.

Castle He made a short intervention before the camera from prison to express his disagreement with the measure: “We are going to do what the law empowers me: we will appeal,” he said.

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