Poland and Slovakia will send fighter jets for Ukraine’s counteroffensive

Volodimir Zelensky has pressured Western countries to reinforce their army with fighter planes so they can prepare a counteroffensive against Russia.

Volodimir Zelensky has pressured Western countries to reinforce their army with fighter planes so they can prepare a counteroffensive against Russia.

Photo: EFE – Adam Warzawa

Poland and Slovakia have assured that within the next few days they will send fighter jets to Ukraine. The shipment, which becomes the first delivery of war aircraft to Volodimir Zelenski’s troops by NATO members, was announced by the leaders of both countries.

Although NATO announced in the past that in any case it would supply aircraft, it would do so jointly, both Warsaw and Bratislava made the decision unilaterally. This weapons donation is in line with the claims of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, acknowledging that his army needs to improve air power in order to fight Russia.

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According to Polish President Andrzej Duda, Poland will send “in the next few days” four Mig-29 aircraft, special for air combat against other planes or drones.

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“There are other aircraft under maintenance right now, and they will probably be delivered successively,” added Duda, who assured that a total of 12 aircraft will be delivered to the Ukrainian ranks.

“Those MiGs are still in service with the Polish air force. These are the last years of exploitation of these devices, which remain operational for the most part”, added the president of Poland.

For its part, Slovakia announced that it would deliver another 13 aircraft to Volodímir Zelenski’s army. According to Eduard Heger, Slovak Prime Minister, the shipment will be accompanied by a Kub air defense system.

“A Broader Coalition”

The Kremlin immediately denounced the “growing involvement” of NATO countries in the conflict with kyiv and stated that these fighters will be “destroyed”.

“The delivery of these military equipment, as we have said many times, cannot affect the outcome” of the conflict, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters.

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“Of course, these military equipment will be destroyed,” he added.

Sending fighter jets to Russia seems to be an alliance that has been quietly talked about in NATO to tip the scales of the war. On Thursday morning, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak stated that Poland wanted to move MiG-29s to Ukraine “within the framework of a broader coalition of states.”

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Asked about other countries that belong to that coalition, he replied that it is about Slovakia, but “of course we are open to other participants. We absolutely want our activities to be done within the framework of the coalition.”

Last year, Slovakia, a neighbor of Poland, declared its willingness to discuss sending the MiG-29, without making a decision on it.

The Polish president’s announcement comes after his defense minister declared that Polish counterintelligence dismantled a Russian espionage network.

Although a European “coalition” was mentioned from Warsaw, several countries have already indicated that they have no intention of supplying warplanes to the war that is taking place in eastern Europe.

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From Germany, Steffen Hebestreit, spokesman for the Executive, pointed out that the decision to send aircraft to the battlefield against Russia only “comes to Poland.”

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“The German government acts in all that concerns supplies to Ukraine in consensus with its allies.”

Spain and the United States, which is also a member of NATO, assured that sending combat aircraft is not part of their support agenda for Volodimir Zelenski. White House spokesman John Kirby said the air support that Poland and Slovakia will provide to Ukraine “does not change our analysis” of sending F-16s to kyiv.

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