Poplight, the removable wall lamp, without cables or installation

If you move around the house a lot and never have one light where you need it, Poplight is a Wall lamp removablewhich does not need cables or plugs, and leaves no mark.

Put a lamp in a wall, it is not simple. You have to install a support, usually with the help of a drill, so you have to make holes. Then you have to screw, and try to hide the plug cable.

you can install lamps with support based on stickers either stickers. but they end leaving mark on paint or paper.

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Poplight It is an idea of ​​two entrepreneurs, which seems quite practical. Is a Wall lamp wirelesswithout work, it is installed in seconds and leaves no mark on the wall. You can see the video at the beginning of the news.

A removable bulb

using some special stickers of 3M, the base is fixed on the wall. It has incorporated a levelso that it is completely straight.

The bulb fits into the base with a click… and that’s it! It is a rechargeable LED bulb through a connector USB Type-C. The battery can also be removed, to recharge it anywhere.

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A button located on the lamp is used to turn it off and on. If it is left tight, change light intensity.

All these functions are also available through the app, since it connects to the mobile via WiFi. You can turn it on, turn it off, program it, or change the intensity.

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If you want to remove it to place it anywhere else, you just have to pull the edges of the adhesive strips. They come off on their own and leave no mark on paint or paper of the wall. Simpler, impossible.

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Poplightthe Wall lamp of RemovableIt is a rather curious and practical idea. It already multiplies by 15 the collection it needed on kickstarterSo it seems you liked it. It is priced at about 59 euros, and is available in various colors. They will start shipping in December.

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