princess of bhutan Seeing fashion couture of Thai nationality, leading celebrities attending the event

princess of bhutan Seeing Thai fashion couture, Lastel brand, leading celebrities, joining the event

After creating a reputation for the Thai fashion industry to be famous on a global scale for more than 2 years for leading fashion brands and bridal dresses. that is characterized by a unique couture sewing style “Lastelle” (L’Astelle) which is running and very interesting to watch Since the brand’s first fashion show in Paris France in 2020, which has received overwhelming praise from fashion people for its unique embroidery designs. It has also become the favorite brand of many princesses, royal families and world-class celebrities.

Jane-Thipwipha Kitti Akranon Skilled designer and founder of “L’Astelle” (L’Astelle).

latest Jane-Thipwipha Kitti Akranon Skilled designer and founder of “L’Astelle” (L’Astelle) organized a great fashion show. first time in Thailand which was honored by many celebrities attending the event Ready to show off the exquisite design work in the latest couture collection called “Travexe Le Tong” (Traveree le temps) From the beautiful inspiration about traveling through time taken from the poems of Linda Pastan (Linda Pastan) is transmitted to a unique garment. that is ready to show off to be watched closely

Princess Kesang-Choden-Wangchuk-of Bhutan-Thipvipha-Kitti Akaranon
Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan

The event was honored by Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan (Royal Highness Kesang Choden Wangchuck) who visited Thailand to attend this fashion show especially Including the leading celebrities in Thailand who joined the event heavily, such as Nuanpan Lamsam, Sikanya Sakdidet Panupan, Ploywarin Songpakorn, Sonya Singha, Teerawan Taechaubol, Suratchani Limatiboon, Kanachai-Wanna Bencharongkul , Melney Yuwittaya, Praewpreeya Chumsai Na Ayutthaya, Urapa Maleenont, Warawut-Apicha Laohaphongchana, Songyai Insri Chiangmai, Chantamon Yamphan, Benjawan Bowonwisitkul, Por Ms. Natthamanee Siriphakaphan, Uthumporn Chuluthai, Lalisa-Vinita Srichawla, Paphatsarin Siriakkarawit, Pakin Phuprasert, famous actresses. Ann Thongprasom and many more

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Nuanphan Lamsam
Suratchani Limatiboon, Teerawan Taechaubol
Sorat Amatayakul
Utumphon Juluthai
Ann Thongprasom
Anne Thongprasom, Thipwipha Kittakaranon

“Lastelle” (L’Astelle), a Thai fashion and bridal couture brand Founded in 2019 by Jane-Thipwipa. Kitti Akranon The girl behind the success who carry a degree in design from the London College of Fashion and gain experience working with many world-class haute couture brands As a result, she crystallizes that high fashion is like a piece of art that is more valuable than just clothing, resulting in “L’Astelle” (L’Astelle) being a brand that is meticulous and meticulous. From the creation of a special piece of clothing specifically for the wearer (custom made) that can perfectly promote the strengths and conceal the point of insecurity for the wearer. Through designs that are simple, elegant and classic from the unique embroidery design. with skilled embroidery from France By expert craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in Haute Couture with high quality materials selected from the best cities from all over the world.

Sonya Singha

For outstanding work in the past, “L’Astelle” is considered another brand that many world-class celebrities always choose to wear on special occasions, such as Lady Kitty, Spain. Sir (Lady Kitty Spencer) a young woman from an ancient noble family in England. Who is the granddaughter of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, Princess Maria-Olympia. of Greece and Denmark (Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark), granddaughter of Constantine II of Greece and Anne-Marie of Denmark King and Queen of the Hellenes,

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Donna Bianca Brandolini (Daughter of the Count of Valmaren and Princess Georgina Maria Natividad de Faucigny- Lucinge et Coligny of Brazil, Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan (Royal Highness) Kesang Choden Wangchuck), daughter of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck and sister In King Jigme Khesar, Namgyel Wangchuck and Nicky Hilton Rothschild, stylish high society women always look good in public.

Benjawan Bowonwisitkul

Jane-Thipwipha Kitti Akranon Discuss the strengths of the brand “L’Astelle” (L’Astelle) and the main concept of designing this collection that “Our brand focuses on simple, elegant designs. But add a playfulness to the dress with meticulously designed embroidery. with famous embroidery techniques from France Including the use of quality materials such as the best ostrich feathers from England. and fabric selection where we use most materials from all France, Italy and England. which will be embroidered at the same embroidery workshop as Haute Brand The only world-class couture Use experienced technicians to embroider in detail, delicate in every stitch. Therefore, our dress can help to highlight the figure of the woman who wears it very well. The specialty of this collection is that it will be all made-to-order evening gowns.

Dr. Nutthamanee Siriphakaphan, M.D.

Each piece in the collection has a unique design. We were inspired by a poem by Linda Pastan about spending time with ourselves and letting our imagination run wild. Thinking back on stories and experiences that have been accumulated until becoming a new idea that has no boundaries. which we have questioned ourselves that if traveling to visit a particular place What kind of outfit do we want to wear? What style of dress would you like to design for the ladies of L’Astelle? Therefore, the dress designed this time reflects our imagination that is presented through the stories.”

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Ploylada Thanapaisanvorakul, M.D.

For the collection “Traversee le Temps” (Traversee le temps) at “L’Astelle” (L’Astelle) took over 2 years to create works by communicating the mood of poetry through A collection of couture in a timeless silhouette that maintains elegance and grace. Elegant with black floral lace embroidery that adds luxury with light gold crystals. gold glass beads and metallic thread Ready to add outstandingness to the dress by delicately embroidering 3D flowers. There is also a white fishtail lace dress. Embellished with white pearls and glass beads. Next, a full length chiffon dress in a light green tone.

Ploywarin Songpakorn

With high-class embroidery techniques using peridot stones, glass beads and light green ostrich feathers. Beautifully embroidered together Including silk cocktail dresses hand-embroidered with coque feathers in pale pink and crystals. There is also a silk robe adorned with light gold glass beads and light silk stones in an intricate design. For the color scheme of this collection, the design team has added more brightness and fun by using pastel colors in the design. Including the brand’s basic tones like gold, cream and black that can create a timeless classic.

Praewpreeya Chumsai Na Ayutthaya
Mathunat Sosothikul
Manatnan Naklada
Melney Yoovidhya
Wanna-Kanachai Bencharongkul
Warawut Laohapong won
Weerapat Suwansila, Charattha Imraporn
Sikanya Sakdidej Panupan
Two Yai Insri Chiang Mai

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