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Qatar 2022 | The value of the champion: How much does the new Argentina shirt cost? | TRENDS

A little over a week after the victory of the Argentine National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in which the albiceleste was established with a high-voltage final against France, the official shirt bearing the three stars was launched this Monday.

However, the updated jacket with each of the three stars for the 1978, 1986 and now 2022 World Cups sold out in less than two hours after an exclusive sale for members of adidasofficial sponsor of the Albiceleste.

In addition to the three golden stars on the coat of arms of the AFAthe shirt also shows on the chest the exclusive shield for world champions, which FIFA authorizes only current winners to wear, with a design that the National Team’s clothing will have for at least the next four years. .

Since 2006, the year in which this honor was introduced, the teams from Italy (2006), Spain (2010), Germany (2014) and France (2018) have already worn it. Now, the albiceleste took over and can now hold the shield that indicates the greatest achievement in the world of football.

Next to the shield with the legend of “World Champions 2022″, the updated jerseys also sport the legend of “world champions”, the same one that the players used at the World Cup award ceremony last Sunday after being crowned in the final.

As reported from adidas, the home jersey and the purple alternate with three stars will be available both on its website and in physical stores across the country. However, while online the exclusive pre-sale for brand members has already sold out, in stores the products also tend to fly.

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An example of this are the sales of the previous shirts: during the contest, both the home and the alternative with two stars used to sell out quickly and were almost impossible to find in physical stores despite the fact that Adidas constantly replenished merchandise.

The brand’s first design bearing the three stars was also sold out in a matter of hours: a special shirt that Adidas brought out to commemorate the Argentine victory and that the players used during their caravan last Tuesday from the AFA stadium in Ezeiza to the Buenos aires city.

The shirt, which was worth 17,999 Argentine pesos in pre-sale, has been sold out since the beginning of last week on the official website. The same thing happens with practically all the clothing of the albiceleste, from the shirts to the shorts and even the Al-Rihla ball.

How much does the Albiceleste shirt with three stars cost?

The shirt, which went on sale this Monday a few hours ago only for members AdiClubhas a value of 22,999 pesos (US$ 129 at the official exchange rate, about 68 at the informal exchange rate) and, unlike the two models that were marketed throughout the event, now there is only one.

Throughout the World Cup, Adidas marketed two models in Argentina: a standard jersey and a more expensive one, the same as the one used by the players, made with dry fit materials and with slight variations in its design.

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Both the starting shirt and the substitute in the player version were worth 28,999 pesos while the cheapest versions were at 16,999 on the Adidas page.

Now, there is only one model with an intermediate price of 22,999 pesos. However, its immediate purchase seems complicated since, first of all, it is for exclusive Adidas partners and, in addition, it sells out very quickly.

Learn how to buy early

For now, Adidas has not yet opened the sale of the shirt with the three stars to the public, but to access it you must be an exclusive subscriber of the brand, which allows you to buy in advance.

For this, you have to create an AdiClub account for free to be an exclusive subscriber. Those who have registered in this way will be the first to be able to buy the new champions jacket before it goes on sale.

The first batch of sales for AdiClub members was already launched this Monday, but it sold out in less than three hours and, now, all that remains is to wait for the replacement. However, it should be noted that during the next few days the sale will be exclusive to those registered, so an account will have to be created to buy.

To do this, you simply have to enter the official Adidas website and create an account with a password. Thus, you are already part of AdiClub to obtain exclusive benefits such as advance sales or raffles with points.

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Adidas has a method to follow the new releases: through its official website, you can see the next calendar (Your adidas calendar with release dates). For now, at the moment this indicates that “at this time there are no new releases”.

The unusual option to buy it now

Given that Adidas Argentina has not yet launched the official shirt of the three stars despite the fact that its sale in the country is imminent, there is a parallel option to buy the jacket today.

Paradoxically, in France they already sell the updated shirt of the Argentine National Team with all the details that indicate the new victory in the Qatar 2022 World Cup: both the three stars and the champions’ shield are already on display.

Although it may not be the most comfortable or economical option for those who are in the country, the fact that the shirt with the three stars is available earlier in the world runner-up country than in the champion drove fans crazy in networks.

Argentina’s light blue and white home jersey on the official Adidas France website is 90 euros, that is, about 33,000 at today’s euro blue. In case you decide to buy it there and it arrives in Argentina, you must also take into account the cost of additional shipping and possible complications in its entry through Customs.

Source: El Cronista de Argentina – Red Iberoamericana de Prensa Económica (RIPE)

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