Raquel Mancini’s health: she must do rehabilitation after her admission to intensive care

Raquel Mancini was discharged this Friday night
Raquel Mancini was discharged this Friday night

After spending six days in intensive care, Rachel Mancini He was discharged this Friday night. The former model had been urgently admitted last Sunday to the Fernández Hospital after fainting in her apartment and spending more than 12 hours lying on the floor, unable to move and with the air conditioning on.

“My daughter was on the verge of death,” revealed Norma, her mother, in a brief talk she had with the television program intruders. as told Marcela Taurus, The delicate condition for which Mancini was admitted to the hospital was related to a low potassium level, an extreme diet and excessive physical exercise in the middle of a heat wave and at little convenient times.

Gonzalo Vázquez, chronicler of the series of shows in America, from the door of the health center located in Palermo, explained that Mancini was discharged due to his favorable evolution and as a consequence of his positive reaction to the treatment.

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In the past, Raquel Mancini was already in the news for your health problems, most of them derived from his aesthetic interventions. In 1996 he remained in a deep coma for a few days after a decompensation suffered during the practice of liposuction. A short time later he had to undergo surgery on his small intestine for a stress-induced ulcer.

Rachel Mancini
Rachel Mancini

In previous statements, Raquel had spoken about her surgeries and the problems she had with her mouth: “I put on lolas and applied collagen to my lips, a wrong decision and at which I knew how to laugh over time and which was later followed by braces. Now she has already been reabsorbed and my mouth is as before. After the bad experience I had when I had lipo, I did not have surgery again. And if I had to do it again, I would be more careful, ”she estimated.

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In 2008, he had an accident while preparing his participation in Skating for a dream. Before his debut, he fractured his tibia and fibula, as well as torn ligaments. In addition, she had to deal with hospitalization in 2016 for pneumonia and a picture of Influenza A that left her in serious condition.

“It’s something positive, I thank God, it’s a miracle, people die of Influenza A. There are cases that are currently covered up, you have to get vaccinated, it’s no joke… I’m happy that God gave me this second opportunity and I am not going to let it go for nothing, I am going to live to the full”, Raquel had pointed out to teleshow on that occasion. Due to these successive inconveniences, he moved away from the media a long time ago, where he was a figure of television, theater and magazine cover on countless occasions.

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