Razer Atlas, the first glass mouse pad, promises maximum precision

Already on sale Razer Atlasthe Mouse Pad made with tempered glass. A resistant surface that offers the maximum slipwith complete precision.

Anyone who has ever used a mouse pad has noticed two things: the mouse makes some noise when it glides… and the mouse pad gets dirty and wears out over time. This is the main reason why we have to throw it away and buy another.

clean one Mouse Pad It is not easy, and it can also wear it out before its time.

Instead of cloth or foam, Razer Atlas employs CNC milled glass with rounded edges, offering good resistance to bumps and scratches.

Razer Atlas

The surface of the glass has been micro-etched with a 2 micron texture, to work perfectly with the optical sensors of the mouse.

being glassmouse sliding is much more fluid and silent that on a cloth or foam

Has a rubber baselike traditional mats, so it stays perfectly fixed on the table.

Mouse Pad

This crystal mouse pad has a size of 450x400mmand a 5mm thickness. It is sold in black and white colors, as you can see in the photos.

We have been amused by the cautionary icons that Razer has put on its website:

glass mat

If you use it as a magnifying glass to enhance the sun’s rays, it can cause a fire, do not use it to look directly at the sun, or to hit your head with it. It is clearly not a Mouse Pad conventional…

Razer Atlasthe first crystal mouse padis already on sale at the Razer website, at a price of 120 euros. They will start shipping at the end of the month.

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