Romina will receive a visit from her daughters in Big Brother: what will the meeting be like

Relatives will enter the Big Brother house

After removal of Camilaonly four participants remain in competition in Big Brother, Romina, Juliet, frames and Nacho, who have been living together since the beginning of the cycle, five months ago. The spirits, of course, are not the same as since their entry, and as happened in previous editions, the express entry of some relatives can be seen on the screen.

Much was said about the past entry of the loved ones of the participants, from the complicit relationship between Marcos and his sister, to the media profile of Nacho’s father, through the disagreements between The Torah and his mother. However, what stood out the most from that moment was the feeling of disappointment at not being able to make the income of Romina’s daughters effective.

“His name is Walter Fabian, 22 years old, is from Grand Bourg, lives with her parents and her younger sisters. He is the eldest son of Romina’s sister, ”he said Santiago del Moro to introduce the new entrant who was going to accompany the former deputy, since the girls are minors and are prevented from being part of the game, a fact that the participant did not take into consideration.

The crisis of Romina from Big Brother 2022

Fabián opened the gate and with an indelible happy face he entered. Romina looked at him for two seconds until she reacted: “Fabi! Oh, hello… how are you, my love? Didn’t they let the girls in?” Thus, without hesitation, she made it clear that her intention was to have contact with Mine, congratulations and Little girlFor this reason, he was barely moved when he saw his nephew enter, about whom he clarified that “I did not recognize you, you are more chubby.” “They didn’t let them in”, he was disappointed while he commented to the rest of the group what was happening. But she took the opportunity to ask Fabian about them. “I thought I was going to see them! Why didn’t they let them in?” she continued to complain.

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He was in charge of explaining to her that because they are minors they are prevented from being part of the game, while she hugged him and settled for “how nice to see someone.” “How are the girls?” Was the question that didn’t take long to appear, for him to reassure her that she’s fine, “beautiful”, while consoling her, explaining that there was little time left to play and that soon it would be time for the reunion. “How did they choose you? Who asked you to come? ”, The former deputy continued to inquire of her nephew, also a godson of confirmation, who clarified that it was a request from the production.

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The truth is that, as I confirm Gaston Trezeguet in Barbarossa, there will be news for this week: “The relatives of all the participants who are in the house will enter. The most anticipated reunion of Big Brother”, he explained, at the same time that one family member per participant will enter per day.

The emotional greeting of the daughters of Romina from Big Brother that made her burst into tears

However, as explained Nancy Pazos Everything will depend on what the psychologist says: “Because we don’t know how much comprehension capacity, for example, the youngest daughter has, who hasn’t seen her mother for five months.” For his part, Analia Franchin He confirmed: “Romina’s daughters are going to enter the SUM, and they will not cross paths with the rest of the participants. They are going to tell her that she should go to the SUM and there she will have a meeting for a few minutes”.

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Fabián, the nephew of the former deputy, assured: “It will be super cute, a terrible blow of energy that will revive her. She is going to give him the energy he deserves, we are in a stretch where almost nothing is missing. We talked about it with the girls and obviously they are excited. We don’t know anything else yet, ”he clarified.

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