Rusherking: “I never saw Casi Ángeles, but China doesn’t believe me”

Dice Turn #1 – Rusherking by Diego Iglesias

—Last year you closed your tour at the Gran Rex. Then, last year you were at Luna Park and now the Movistar Arena is coming up on March 24. How are you living this moment?

—The truth, without being able to believe everything. We did all the steps to follow, I am very anxious: each show has its importance and each show has even more pressure, and this is like a very big challenge for me.

—2015 was your hinge year. Is that where you found out what freestyle was?

—Yes, it was a year where I discovered many things about myself, many things that I liked that I didn’t know about, and freestyle was like the door that opened everything, let’s say, that allowed me to come to Buenos Aires, make music, live from What I love. I think that everything arose there, from the square and from the competitions.

—How was it coming from Santiago del Estero to live in Buenos Aires?

It was a difficult test…

—Were you 17 the first time you came?

—I was 17. But yes, forget it: it was difficult. When I came the first few times and my friends asked me “how is Buenos Aires?”, because most never came, I always told them that for me it is like a world apart, let’s say. I mean, it was flashing for me to see that the bus has its own line on the street, that they pass by. All those things drove me crazy.

—The Metrobus, you say?

“The Metrobus!” All those things drove me crazy.

—Had you never come to Buenos Aires before that?


—Have you left La Banda? have you traveled anywhere?

—From 15 to 17, in those last two years nothing more, but for the freestyle competition: they called me from a province, I went, competed and returned home.

—Until 15, always in La Banda?

—Always in La Banda, yes.

Diego Iglesias and Rusherking
Diego Iglesias and Rusherking

—And after 17 you arrive in Buenos Aires. Do you arrive in Retiro by bondi?

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—I arrive at Retiro in a bondi, yes.

—And what did you feel when you got off the bondi for the first time in Retirement?

“It scared me, really.” I’m not going to lie to you. Now that I look at it when I’m older, when time passed, what was I doing, so young, stuck there, naked? Besides, I was going in a taxi, a flash. But nothing, it was a difficult process, let’s say, without my friends and my family, I had no one here and I had to go through it, yes.

“How was that at the beginning?” Did you miss, did you feel alone?

—I was strange, I felt alone, but I was also happy. Imagine, if now I feel that all things happened to me quickly, I also felt it at that time, because I started making music for a year and five, six months later, a production company in Buenos Aires called me and it also changed my life. at that point.

—But at the beginning in Buenos Aires it was difficult for you…

—It was difficult for me, until at one point I wanted to quit music, return to Santiago, continue studying, everything. But hey, there were many people, many friends who continued to motivate me to continue.

—And at that moment when you wanted to quit music, what was wrong with you?

—It was the moment in which I felt that I was not going to get anywhere with what I was doing. Did you see that when one has such a big dream that is to live from music and whatever? When those things don’t happen, it’s like you feel kind of helpless. I don’t know, I was studying, I dropped out to come to Buenos Aires and everything, and when you don’t achieve those things in the time you want, aside from the fact that we’re all anxious, you get sick. And I said: “Well, I’m going back to Santiago, I go back to study, I finish high school and I do something else.” But there was like I don’t know, there were a lot of people there who supported me. Family, my new representative, who is SilviaNow that we’ve been working for about four years, he was also present and told me: “No, no, you kept making music, kept going, kept going”. And I continued. And well, things happened. It was incredible. Today we are a whole giant family that has grown a lot.

"I am in a very beautiful moment in my life: musical, my family is fine, my friends too.  I am very well with my partner, I can not complain.  I am very happy, you caught me very happy"says Rusherking
“I’m in a very nice moment in my life: musical, my family is fine, my friends too. I’m very good with my partner, I can’t complain. I’m very happy, you caught me very happy,” says Rusherking

—Your old man is a taxi driver, isn’t he?

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—And over there, did you ask your old man for a loan to buy a sound card?

-No no. With my old man we took out a loan, I didn’t ask him.

—Of course, I didn’t have your old money to lend you.

“I didn’t have my old one either. we take out There I learned by force: I had no idea what a computer was, a sound card, a microphone, nothing and I learned, I learned.

—So when you tell your old man: “Dad, let’s get a loan to buy a sound card.” Your old man looked at you as if to say: “And what is he talking about?”

—And my old man couldn’t understand it, I didn’t even know why I was asking him, do you understand?

“Because you didn’t even know how to use it yet, did you?”

“I didn’t know how to use it.

“But you had a conviction.”

-Yeah. She had a conviction. And since everything had gone well in my province with the first topic I brought up, like my old man put a little bit of a vote of confidence there, you see, and me too. I said: “We are going to be”, and he went out and went out, we were able to buy that and there I put him. I met a producer friend who taught me a couple of things, then I started producing myself, I started producing other artists who came to my house as well. It was all a flash.

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“Did you help your family when things started to go well?”

-Yeah. It was the first thing I did because when you start making music, whatever, whatever you want to dedicate yourself to, the first dream is to fix the house, buy a car for your family, buy a new house, and I, to As much as he was earning, he was helping. We changed the whole house, we renovated everything, which was in the back, I changed my dad’s car, no, I didn’t change it, I finished paying it, he just got a loan that was also recharged in a company there, and the car cost five pesos and ended up costing 200 pesos, to tell you a number.

Rusherking with Diego Iglesias, in the new section of Infobae: Dados Vuelta
Rusherking with Diego Iglesias, in the new section of Infobae: Dados Vuelta

—How are you with your partner, China Suárez?

“I’m happy, in love. I am in a very beautiful moment in my life: musical, my family is fine, my friends too. I am very well with my partner, I can not complain. I am very happy, you caught me very happy.

—Your partner is very famous, she has been a star since she was a girl, from when she was in Almost angels. Dresses Almost angels ever

—(Laughter) No, no, it always bothers me with that, because when they ask me I tell the truth: I never saw Almost angels. And she tells me: “Look if you’re not going to see Almost angels!”, tells me. And I tell the truth. I didn’t meet her there, I knew that she was China Suarez and that she is a superstar, but no; that, I never saw it.

“Do you have a lot of humor between you?”

– We laughed. I think that’s why we get along best: we shit ourselves laughing all day, no matter where we are. We like to travel a lot and we had a great time.

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