Samsung and the controversy of false lunar photos: Space Zoom 100x in trouble

This weekend, a Reddit thread went viral for putting Samsung in a bind. It alleges that the company is misleading its customers with the 100x Space Zoom feature and the lunar photos that this mode can capture.

samsung introduced space zoom with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Since then, the company has touted it as a great tool for taking pictures of the moon. And Samsung has always maintained that it uses a artificial intelligence to enhance these shots with 100x digital zoom.

A report from 2021 SamMobile called the feature a hack, explaining how Samsung overlays textures obtained from images of much higher resolution of the moon in the shots you take with the Space Zoom feature.

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The latest Reddit thread also claims the same. According to tests done by Reddit user, It seems that Samsung uses AI to add textures such as craters and other details to photos of the Moon that would otherwise have been blurred.

And it is that it is not an additional processing to improve the details of the image that you initially clicked. It is a trained neural network that has received countless images of the Moon in order to add additional information to your Moon photos.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 and its lunar photography

Samsung defends itself, but does not convince

The post Sue Samsung for misleading marketing. The Redditor links to an article in which the company is quoted as saying that the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 100x zoom feature captures multiple frames in a matter of seconds and uses AI to fine-tune the details.

Contrary to the latest claims and the old SamMobile article, this suggests that the Space Zoom function enhances the details already captured by the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera.

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So while Samsung has been pretty clear about using deep learning AI to deliver high-quality lunar photos, Redditors are upset with the company for not being open about the bottom line.

And it is that it is not the same that our smartphone takes several images taken by us and improves them, than our samsung take images from the internet in good quality and superimpose them on our original photograph.

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