Scandal in the Nara family: Wanda has not answered Andrés’ messages since he announced that he is expecting another child

Wanda and Andrés Nara, estranged again (America)

the scoop of teleshow surprised everyone. Even Wanda Nara. Last Monday, March 6, Andres Nara and Alice Barbasola They confirmed to this medium that they were expecting a child. “I’m pregnant! It is very recent, but we searched for it with a lot of love, ”said the vedette with a full smile. And the father of the current driver of master chef ratified it. “The happy news has arrived! The test came back positive, so we are looking forward to it and very happy. Because besides he was a wanted baby. We really wanted to have a child. It was beyond us how quickly it arrived, but welcome! The truth is that we are very happy”, assured the car salesman.

Until then, neither the media nor her sister, Zaira Nara, had been notified of the arrival of their little brother. So they found out from the press that the family was about to get bigger. Something that, apparently, did not sit well with them or their mother, Nora Colosimowith whom at the end of 2022 the man had been able to rebuild the relationship after several years of estrangement.

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Thus, this Friday in intruders, Nancy Duré He said that Andrés was desperate when he did not receive a response from the eldest of his daughters, who in an interview he had offered the day before had implied that he was happy with the news. “Very happy,” Wanda had said when asked by the chroniclers about how she had taken Barbasola’s pregnancy. And she had added: “I am excited about the arrival of a baby and, obviously, that the family grows…”. To later ensure that with her father “everything was fine”.

“He has lied to us,” then explained the panelist of the American show cycle, who said that they had sent him Andrés’s chats that showed his daughter’s rudeness. And she added: “Wanda is enraged by the arrival of her little brother. To such an extent that she doesn’t even reply to her father’s messages.

Andrés Nara and Alicia Barbasola are expecting their first child together
Andrés Nara and Alicia Barbasola are expecting their first child together

After this, Duré recounted how Andrés’s course had been to try to communicate with his daughters after giving an interview confirming his new paternity. He “he wrote to Nora, his ex, with whom he had told us that everything was fine, that they had all been together on his birthday Francesca and that he was even going to go to the commitment on February 14 but could not ”, he said.

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And he continued: “He says: ‘Nora, I imagine you’ve found out about Alicia’s pregnancy. She came out like this, because we made a post, they asked us and we didn’t want to lie. We found out yesterday, it’s recent, but she’s already been in the media. But, personally, I want to tell you that you are her family. He doesn’t get any kind of response. So he writes to Wanda ”.

What did you put on the businesswoman? She “tells him that she was chatting with Fran and directly asks, ‘Are you mad about Ali’s pregnancy? Because the journalists are asking me and I don’t know what to answer them’. And he passes her screenshots of everyone’s messages from her asking her how the girls had taken the situation. But she had no answer, ”Duré explained.

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Finally, according to the journalist’s account, Andrés communicates with his other daughter. “In desperation, he writes to Zaira and says: ‘I wrote to Nora, I wrote to Wanda, no one answers me … What is happening? Are they angry? ”, She recounted that she put him in her message. And the model did answer him. She “She tells him: ‘It must be that they are not amused by this, that she is talking to each other. You do not have to account to anyone for what you do, because it is your life. But take care of them, you know what it cost to rebuild the relationship ‘”, concluded the panelist’s story.

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