Season 3 of Ted Lasso premieres, and according to its creators it could be the last

Tomorrow March, 15th the premiere season 3 of ted lasso in AppleTV+. The comedy series The most awarded in recent years faces her own destiny, both from a plot point of view and an existential one.

These are not good times for comedy. Now what is popular are dramatic series loaded with tension, gore, ultraviolence, and a lot of personal suffering. The post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us is sweeping the audience these days, surpassing The House of the Dragon.

Long gone are the times when series like The Simpsons, The Office or Friends were the most watched on television. Now the comedy series they are limited to filling the grid or covering a niche of spectators. With one exception: ted lasso.

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The sports comedy AppleTV+ has swept audiences on the platform, has been liked by critics, and has won 11 Emmy Awards, including those of Best Comedy Series in 2021 and 2022.

ted lasso is the perfect series: it has good reviews, a good audience, it wins all the awards… but could end with this season 3 which opens tomorrow. Or at least that’s what its creators say.

Ted Lasso and his archenemies

In this season 3all the rivals that he football coach American has been meeting in his career in the United Kingdom, it seems that they are conspiring against him and his team.

The ex-husband of the Richmond president, hated by everyone, buys the rival team West Ham United and signs manager Nate, Lasso’s former assistant. We are not putting spoilers, since that is how season 2 ended.

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This season 3 by Ted Lasso will revolve around the sports and personal rivalry with the West Ham Unitedand some subplots of secondary characters, such as Keeley’s new career path. You can watch the trailer in the movie’s opening video.

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According to the press that has seen the first chapters, there are plots that seem to conclude, but others are also opening. It will be the season 3 he Ted Lasso ending?

A few months ago, Brett “I’m not a CGI” Goldstein, the actor who plays the eternally pissed off footballer Roy Kent, but who is also a writer and co-producer of the series, gave an interview to The Timesvia Brett Goldstein says, jokingly: “The series was planned to last three seasons. Spoiler alert: everyone dies“.

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This set off the alarms, although it is true that many series are conceived for a short cycle, but if they are a great success, then they continue.

The truth is that Apple has not said anything about itand surely he is the one who has the last word.

Final or not, what corresponds now is to enjoy with season 3 of ted lassowhich opens on March, 15th on AppleTV+. It is a series that makes you feel good, and reconciles you with the world. Something that very few television series can boast of today.

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