SkyShowtime already removes series from its catalog weeks after its launch in Spain

We have a multitude of streaming platforms on the market, with disparate prices, and with much more varied content, and SkyShowtime recently premiered in our country.

SkyShowtime It has a very interesting offer of content from Paramount+, Peacock, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Sky Studios, Nickelodeon, Showtime and Paramount Pictures, but what has basically caught a lot of public attention is the initial offer of 50% for life, although obviously fulfilling a series of conditions.

However, there are certain problems that are irritating these early SkyShowtime subscribers such as the lack of synchronization of subtitles in many movies and series of the catalog, or that the content has a limitation in its image quality.

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There are also criticisms regarding the lack of availability of SkyShowtime on consoles or the Fire TV stick, platforms popular ones that could secure them more subscribers.

But these first subscribers have also found that three Spanish series from SkyShowtime have suddenly disappeared and that many started watching as soon as they subscribed to the service and that they have just disappeared in less than 20 days.

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The series that have disappeared and will they return?

They are All the Other, Foodie Love and No Novelty, Spanish productions that it should be clarified that they previously belonged to HBO Max before canceling them, and that SkyShowtime rescued for its Catalogue initial.

As declared by SkyShowtime itself to FormulaTV: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be a delay with ‘Todo lo otro’, ‘Foodie Love’ and ‘Sin novedad’ in their availability for broadcast on SkyShowtime in Spain. The team is working to resolve it and we apologize for any inconvenience caused”.

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As our colleagues speculate Hobby Consolesthose unforeseen causes that SkyShowtime refers to, about the withdrawal of these Spanish series, may be due “to a license rights issue for their distribution that they must finish polishing”.

It is probable that when this licensing issue is finished, the three Spanish series will be available again on SkyShowtime.

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