Smart robots arrive in supermarkets so you can always find availability of your favorite products

When we go to our favorite supermarkets, on more than one occasion, we have approached the corresponding aisle to pick up that product that we need so much, but unfortunately it had not yet been replaced.

And that is why now the American chain of stores, BJ’s Wholesale, has just hired a robot with advanced artificial intelligence, manufactured by Simbe Robotics, and which they will place in each of its 237 stores.

The function of this robot is not only to monitor the corridors of the supermarketsbut also all the shelves to make sure that all the products have stock, and if there is not, notify the corresponding replenishers.

As can be read in the official statementTally autonomously walks the club’s aisles multiple times a day, leveraging computer vision technology to collect high-precision shelf data that ensures products are in-stock, properly stored, and accurately priced.”.

By rolling out Tally across all of our club locations, we’ll gain unprecedented insights leveraging real-time data, allowing us to continually improve our operation and ensure we’re delivering the best possible experience for both our team and members.”, they add.

A robot that can adapt its height

It is a robot called tallywhich has a compact and slim design, and which measures approximately 96 cm in height, but you can customize its height to adapt it to each of the requirements of the store.

This robot with artificial intelligence It has an LED screen to scan shelves and aisles, and all this data collected in real time helps replenishers and also buyers themselves to quickly locate products and also allows for more efficient replenishment.

It is one of those examples of the arrival of robotics in our stores, and they will not do it to replace human workers, but to make life much easier for them, in this case, to notify stockists that in a particular aisle missing product.

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