Soledad Aquino was the victim of a scam: “I fell like a plover”

Soledad Aquino (Instagram)
Soledad Aquino (Instagram)

In recent times, many were the celebrities who reported having been victims of virtual scammers. And this time, he touched sunny aquino. “Friendly people, be careful,” warned the former de Marcelo Tinelli in your account Instagram. And, without giving too much detail about what happened, he explained that through a call from an alleged streaming platform they ended up taking the data to hack his bank account. “They took what was left of me!” she lamented.

Then, in dialogue with teleshow, Aquino explained how the deception had been. “I fell like a plover. On Sunday, in 40 degree heat, I was without Netflix. And despair seized me, so I googled the company phone number and a WhatsApp popped up. I started sending messages there like crazy, but they didn’t give me a ball. And, about two hours later, they call me from a number that had the logo of the platform, ”began his story.

And he continued: “I was attended by a Cordovan who was guiding me with the television. And then he told me: ‘What happens is that it comes out that you didn’t pay.’ I knew that I had paid with the card. Then he asked me for the last figures, the bank… And, without giving him any code, he entered my account. I don’t know how he did it! And he took me 5 Lucas, nothing more. But it’s 5 Lucas! So I ended up at the police station at night with an endless file.”

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the mother of cande and Mica Tinelli She said that, this Tuesday, she had to go to the bank of which she is a client to continue with the procedures. “I blocked my urgent key. And, with this heat, I had to go to the bank to get a new one. The problem is that if they deposit something for me tomorrow that I have to collect, they have access to get the money from me. Look how alert they are! In fact, the officer who took my complaint told me that it is full of scammers and that you have to be careful with everything. You do not have to attend to anyone or give a number of anything. I was confident because I saw the logo, but they tell me that they are preparing for that, ”he pointed out.

The post of Soledad Aquino noticing what had happened to her
The post of Soledad Aquino noticing what had happened to her

A few days ago, Soledad had given an interview to Carlos Monti for busybodiesin which he had spoken of the separation of his daughter lelé and Coti Sorokin. “Cande is much better now than when she was with him,” was the first thing she said. And she assured that she was never “satisfied” with the relationship between the young woman and the musician, whom she stressed that she “adores”.

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“He had four children, quilombos with his ex. He did not do very correct things, ”continued Aquino in reference to the author of None of this was a mistake. And he wished him the best: “I want him to be successful, to be great and to spend his life alone, happy with a woman who really supports him.” However, when asked about the reports that Sorokin was “jealous and possessive”, he answered without hesitation: “Recontra”.

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And he explained: “Half of Candelaria’s friends are gay and she was jealous the same. It’s tremendous. He was very possessive, very sick of always having her inside the house, that she went to her concerts, he had her half subdued ”. He later assured that his daughter, who is currently starting a relationship with the Uruguayan pilot Santiago Urrutia, “wasted a lot of time” with Coti.

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