Susana Giménez: “I don’t want to talk about politics, but seeing that there has been no electricity for a month with 40 degrees of heat, it breaks your heart…”

Interview with Susana Giménez by Tati Schapiro – “Seeing that there is no light with 40 degrees of heat a month ago breaks your heart”

“How good it makes you laugh! That’s my motto,” he says. Susana Gimenez in this talk with teleshow from the presidential suite of a hotel in Madero Porthours after the official presentation of LOL Argentinianthe reality of Prime Video where it is as important not to laugh as it is to make others laugh.

“I laugh a lot. She does me good -says the maximum diva of television-. I’m not telling you that when I’m alone I’m laughing like a fool all day, but I like fun people, the ones who have energy, the ones who understand jokes, the ones who have humor, the ones you can say things to, out there acid jokes.” .

—What is the last moment that comes to mind when you felt very happy?

—(Thinks) Well… Almost all of them have to do with being with my daughter or with the dogs. I’m very peasant now. I like the animals I have, feed them, get up every day and take them to the lake to bathe. And I give (food) to the ducks, to the carp. When the dogs were born I loved to see them. Later, the work was so horrible that I didn’t want to go anymore, because the puppies did everything everywhere (laughs). I said, “My God!” and they were fatal. They are still boys. They will meet this year.

—But there is a happy Susana there.

-Yes, very happy. I like the nature. I like the field. I like animals, more than anything in the world.

Interview with Susana Giménez by Tati Schapiro – “I was always cholula”

—Work, do you still enjoy it as always?

-Yes I love it. I love doing things like that, punctual. I make notes, then I travel to Paris and make someone. As always, looking for Messi, I can’t, did you see? I can’t find it (laughs). He is my idol.

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—Is the note that Susana wants to Messi?

-And if. It’s like the one I wanted all my life in the ’80s, in the ’90s: Richard Gere’s. I was like, “I want Richard Gere, I want Richard Gere!” He wrote me a letter and everything: “I can’t because such a thing, such a other…”. Well, in the end one day I ran into him in a bar in New York and he was with the woman. I did not dare to tell her that she was me. She looked at him and said to the one who was with me: “Run, I want to look at him.” Oh, how beautiful he was, what a divine man!

—So Susana wanted to poke fun at Richard Gere a little.

-Yeah. I was always cholula. Since girl. She wrote to Hollywood stars to send them the photos.

—And then everyone wanted to sit with you: today we are missing Messi, but afterwards, everyone has passed through your living room.

-Yeah. It was cholula of artists, not soccer, because they did not exist messis.

—What happens is that today Messi, beyond being a football artist, has given us such great joy in such a difficult time that we are going through…

—The World Cup was impressive. I went, I was in Qatar; I went to see. I didn’t stay for all the games because they were every three days, so I went to Dubai to see other things. But it was impressive. I think it was the only joy that Argentines have had in recent years.

Interview with Susana Giménez by Tati Schapiro – “It’s a good time for streaming. A channel can’t spend on making Game of Thrones, it’s logical”

Did you laugh a lot doing LOL?

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“No, I was always nervous. She had to watch out because I’m the judge. The first time they laugh, you pull out the yellow one.

—Let’s count, for those who don’t know, that you have two cards, the red and the yellow, like in soccer, and that they began to appear very quickly in the first chapter.

—And yes… because they laughed, the stupid ones.

—There is an important prize that they are going to donate.

—Yes, they are going to donate it to the entity that they choose and want. It can be the one in your neighborhood, anyone.

—How did Grego Rossello behave in the recordings?

-Very loving. He behaved very well. He was there to help me at first because I didn’t know. I had seen him a little bit when he (to the program) did it Eugenio Derbez, who is a very famous Mexican star. And he had seen him alone and he felt a bit… So they put Grego on me, and he was a nice company.

Susana Giménez with Grego Rosello, in LOL Argentina (Prime Video)
Susana Giménez with Grego Rosello, in LOL Argentina (Prime Video)

We saw you participate in Porn and Ice Cream, also by Prime Video. Would you be willing to add a fiction on a platform again?

-Yes of course. I have a little thing pending, which is done there, but I can’t say.

—Are you a consumer of fiction on platforms?

—I don’t sleep if I don’t watch a series, a movie. Sometimes I watch 10 episodes together. I love it. Don’t forget that in the country I eat early and stay with the dogs afterwards. beto He puts his head in my lap and I always watch TV until two in the morning.

—You said recently that you look back on the last 35 years, and you were in the chair of the program.

—Yes, sitting in an armchair on the canal. It goes by quickly: it is true that 20 years are nothing, they are absolutely right in the world. What happened? How did these 35 years pass me like this? I’ve been sitting in an armchair on a show most years, every day. So, you don’t think about anything else, you can’t do other things.

Susana Giménez, with the comedians of LOL (Credit: Rodrigo Souto)
Susana Giménez, with the comedians of LOL (Credit: Rodrigo Souto)

—And today are you having a good time with this choice to do a little driving, a little interviewing, a little traveling?

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-I love it. It is a good moment. It’s also a good time for streaming because it’s the future. The boys do not watch much TV, with few exceptions. For example, Big Brother, which is the hit like this, of the year. There are exceptions. But after…

—In streaming everyone can choose what to see and when to see it, that’s wonderful. And things are really made with incredible quality.

“Fabulous, by God.” That’s part of it, it’s cheap. A channel cannot spend on doing game of Thrones. It is logical.

—I return to laughter because it is very important to be able to laugh: we are having a difficult time.

—Yes, it is essential. I don’t want to talk about politics, but the truth is very hard for everyone. It’s not a political issue anymore Seeing that there is no light with 40 degrees of heat a month ago breaks your heart…

“Thank you, Susan.” We love having you in Argentina.

-Thank you.

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Interview with Susana Giménez by Tati Schapiro – Complete

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