Susana Giménez revealed the mystery: Did Big Brother Alpha call her as a boy?

Susana Giménez told if she knows Alfa from Big Brother (Video: LAM)

Since 2019 that Susana Gimenez She is not at the forefront of her historic cycle, so the announcement and subsequent presentation of a television program that will have her as a leading figure was quite a revolution and generated the most varied speculations regarding what the format would be like and if it would drag the public, as you are used to.

This Friday will be the premiere of LOL Argentinian, a program that brings together comedians from all over the country and that will be seen on the Amazon Prime Video screen. Originally broadcast in Japan, it was later adapted in other parts of the world such as Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, India, and Brazil through the streaming service.

Susanna and Grego Rossello They will be in charge of guiding the competitors through this challenge. According to the same platform, “it will offer the public a frantic competition where it is as important to contain laughter as it is to provoke that of their opponents. Anything goes on this show, except one thing: if you laugh, you lose.”

Susana is ready to return to television (Prime Video)

Participants compete for a large monetary prize that will be donated to a non-governmental organization (NGO) selected by the same winner. In addition, whoever wins will be recognized as the first comedian to win in the show’s first season.

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The avant premiere, needless to say, summoned all the figures that will be part of the cycle, however it was the lace that captured the attention of the chroniclers, and all the microphones and cameras went in search of it. She first answered the questions of the media in the distance, while she posed for the photographers. She then approached the fence, where the first objection she made was to clarify that she did not want to talk about politics.

While posing with the rest of the comedians, a question from the chronicler of THE M, in the distance, managed to dislodge her. After the usual greetings to brito angelthe diva was consulted: “Is it true that Alpha called you at home and said ‘Hello, Susana’? Her astonished face was undisguisable, and her first reaction was to ask who Alpha was.

Susana and Grego Roselló, in the middle of recording the cycle
Susana and Grego Roselló, in the middle of recording the cycle

“The one from Big Brother, when he was a boy, 45 years ago,” insisted the notero, who received a silent message in response, but in lip reading it could be perfectly interpreted: “Don’t be an asshole… I don’t know him ”, which caused the laughter of the little angels in the studio.

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The anecdote arose when the participant told the house that he knew the diva and during the debate after leaving the house, he assured: “I told that I invented ‘Hello Susana’ because when I was ten years old I called Susana on the phone Gimenez”. Then he gave more details about her relationship with the driver: “I was little and Susana Giménez advertised the Cadum brand, she was the shock girl. She was dating Hector Caballero. I looked up his name in the phone book on República de la India street at 3500 odd. The phone number was 851232. So, I would call and say ‘Hello, Susana’. ‘Yeah’. And he asked her to ‘shock me’. One day she was with a friend and I called her. She told me ‘you are a gentleman. If I shock you, don’t you bother me anymore?’ I told her yes and I didn’t call her anymore.

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