Susana Giménez upon her return from Uruguay: “I better not say what I think of Roviralta because we are all going to jail”

Susana Giménez on her return from Uruguay: “I better not say what I think of Roviralta because we are in jail”

Susana Gimenez is happily installed in her house in Punta del Este, in Uruguay. However, she returned to the country on Tuesday for the premiere of LOLhis new entertainment program that will be launched by a streamer on the Prime Video platform.

“We know we are world champions, but do we know which comedian is the Argentine champion?” The diva’s voice-over begins in this preview proposed by the platform. “In the LOL house there is no place to hide. When the laughs appear, she will see them. If the competitors fall a second time, they are left out”, explains the video about the reality show that will have her as host.

As soon as she arrived in the country, she was intercepted by the media before reaching her home. She, as always gentle and predisposed, rolled down the window of the car that was transporting her to her home to speak with the chroniclers. “Do you miss Argentina”, was the first question she received, and she immediately answered in the affirmative. “And yes, a bit strange, but I come often and now I came because it opens LOL”.

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In this regard, Su told what her expectations are about the new reality show. “I think it’s going to be fun, we’ll see, they give it all over the world and it’s successful everywhere, we’ll see what happens here,” she replied. Immediately afterwards, she was annoyed when they asked her about the lack of places for the figures on Argentine television. With a tired gesture, she opened up: “Oh, I’m dead tired, I’m hot, I’m not going to think about these important things”, she opened up herself and didn’t want to evaluate the new technological platforms either. “Another one!, the same question…” she said already angrily.

Susana Giménez returned to the country for the premiere of LOL (Photo: File)
Susana Giménez returned to the country for the premiere of LOL (Photo: File)

Then, the host took a few minutes to answer about the comments of Carlos Perciavalle about his daughter Wick. In this sense, the diva said that it had taken her twenty years to become friends because of something the capocomico had said and that now that they were friends again she came out to say something like that. “He called me for New Years and he was very loving, but I think that sometimes he says anything, especially when he is acting, whoever it is,” she said, touching her head.

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Later, she ratified again the sayings that she affirmed in a conference in which she participated on “Women and money” organized by the accounting firm Konrad and associates. Faced with a crowd with limited space and a mostly female presence, the host had recognized that Uruguay was “very expensive”.

Susana Gimenez, Mercedes Sarrabayrouse and Lucía Celasco in Punta del Este
Susana Gimenez, Mercedes Sarrabayrouse and Lucía Celasco in Punta del Este

On this occasion, she was first reluctant to answer about her statements about the neighboring country, but later admitted that what she said was true. “Come, that’s why I don’t want to talk, because later these things come out everywhere, which are not so important, but the truth is that yes, it is a little expensive for me and for the whole world,” she added.

Then, to conclude, they reminded him that his house in Barrio Parque has many secrets. “It’s been 25 years since the famous ashtray,” he told her. Matias Vazquez in relation to the strong fight that she had had with her ex-husband Hubert Roviralta, in 1998, when she found out about her partner’s infidelity and had thrown a blunt object over his nose. “Already 25 years! She exclaimed and continued:“ Motherfucker ”.

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Then, the most famous host on Argentine television stressed that she had a “terrible” memory and that things had ended very badly with Roviralta. “I had to give him 10 sticks and if he was in the rostrum of my program it was only once, and I was not the one who took him,” she responded bluntly. And she added: “I better not say what I think of him because we all go to jail.”

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