Switch to a really good TV, QLED, from Samsung and now almost 200 euros cheaper

The television, as a household appliance, is a central part of practically any home, particularly if you like to watch streaming series and movies, in which case not just any model will work for you and you are surely looking for one that makes the most of 4K, HDR and everything else. that modern streaming platforms can offer.

Fortunately for everyone, little by little the price of medium and high-end televisions, OLED and QLED, has been falling, so it is now possible to change from a standard model to one with these panels for less than 500 euros even, and we are talking about one of Samsung and 50 inches in sizesince there are even cheaper ones if you opt for the private label of some stores.

Of course, it is Smart TV and 4K, since right now buying a TV that does not have at least these two characteristics does not make much sense, and one would even have to go further to cover their backs in the long term, betting on a slightly better panel. that LCD and can be for models that have Android TV or Fire OS as the operating system, although not all brands have opted for it.

That said, Samsung has very high-quality QLED panels, not in vain is it the manufacturer that practically has a monopoly in their manufacture, selling practically all of the QLEDs to other brands so that they can mount them on their televisions.

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The main advantage of these panels is that the pixels do not light up to represent the color black, as they do in others. In this way the black color is realand by contrast the color pixels are much more vivid and bright.

What is certain is that by specifications it has little to envy to any other model, and the price is quite good, although some downside can be made, such as that it is a 2020 model, cheaper than the 2022 model. what is going to 569 euros Right now in stores like Amazon. This is important because obviously improvements in power, processor and storage are being introduced generation after generation.

That said, if in the medium term you have problems due to not being able to install applications on your TV, you can always opt for a Fire TV Stick or a Chromecast, which also squeeze the possibilities of a QLED panel and which are also not expensive at all right now.

Luckily for everyone, there are many models that already have a QLED panel and even integrated Android TV and are also not expensive at all. The same store, Electro Depot, sells a 43″ model of its Edenwood brand for just 267 eurosor Cecotec one of 50″ by 359 euros.

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