Taky Natali, Ricky Maravilla’s ex-girlfriend shot the singer and Bomba Tucumana: “They laughed in my face”

Taky Natali talked about the break with Ricky Maravilla (Photo: Instagram)
Taky Natali talked about the break with Ricky Maravilla (Photo: Instagram)

After the media scandal that broke out when Taky Natalithe now ex-partner of Ricky Wonderhe found messages and phone calls with Gladys, the Tucuman Bomb, in dialogue with teleshow the young woman gave her version of the facts.

“It all started on February 28, when I got home and found Ricky talking on the phone and when he saw me, he abruptly cut off the call,” the singer of oriental origin began by recounting very hurt. And she continued: “As it caught my attention that he cut off the communication, then I looked at his phone with whom he had spoken and I saw that it was with the Tucuman Bomb. So I took a screenshot of the screen and rebuked him: ‘Are you going to deny me this?’, but he replied that ‘nothing to do’, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’.

In this context, the couple, who have been together for 15 years, began a difficult crisis to overcome. Taky left the apartment he shared with the tropical musician and went to live in a hotel. Still shaken by the repercussions that the events had, she explains how she feels about herself.

Ricky Maravilla's girlfriend claims that the singer cheated on her with the Bomba Tucumana (Photo: Instagram)
Ricky Maravilla’s girlfriend claims that the singer cheated on her with the Bomba Tucumana (Photo: Instagram)

“I am very hurt, this took a very strange turn for me. I already suspected something because he traveled a lot to Tucumán with the excuse of doing shows and later, people around him confirmed the relationship between them. When I told him what he had seen, he told me ‘you’re crazy’, because if at least he explained to me the situation would have been different. If they don’t have anything to do with it, why can’t either of them explain to me what happened”, Taky wonders.

Later, he recounts that he met the singer in the bar of the hotel where he is staying. “He appeared to me by surprise, but only now, because I saw this on February 28, and I kept it until one day, in a note, I couldn’t take it anymore and I told it.”

The calls between Bomba Tucumana and Ricky Maravilla that Taky Natali denounced (Photo: Capture Taky Natali)
The calls between Bomba Tucumana and Ricky Maravilla that Taky Natali denounced (Photo: Capture Taky Natali)

“Because of how they both act, they keep giving me the reason that my suspicions are true. Gladys filed a complaint against me for damaging her image, through her lawyer, but she never called me to sit down and talk and fix things, ”she says indignantly. “What annoys me the most is that he denies everything and he tells me that I saw wrong, he tells me that I’m crazy,” she says.

´Since the subject became relevant because Natali appeared in various media to tell what happened, the singer assures that it is a myth of his ex-partner and that ‘someone fills his head.’ “Who is going to fill my head, with what meaning? If I was always transparent with him, a few months ago for example, a player from the National Team wrote to invite me to Qatar, before the World Cup, and I told him that I was in a relationship with Ricky, and later I told him about it, which he didn’t do with me with the messages Gladys sent him. They laughed at me in the face, ”he continues.

Taky Natali when she was in a relationship with Ricky Maravilla (Photo: Instagram)
Taky Natali when she was in a relationship with Ricky Maravilla (Photo: Instagram)

“If I had responded to this boy and secretly dated him and not said anything about Gladys, I would not be transparent. So, barbarian, let’s not be transparent, because if you are, such a scandal is made. Let’s act badly, secretly, treacherously”, reflects the young woman.

Accompanied by his representative Hugo Castro, Natali assures that having made public what she feels lessens her sadness a bit. “I feel like saying this dulled the pain a bit, because I was drowning in silence by myself. Some people tell me that I want press with all this, but what press am I going to have? Cuckold press! ”, she thinks aloud. “They are beyond good and evil, they come and go. Sometimes it makes me think that they have allowed themselves to be discovered on purpose, ”she insists.

Another thing that made her suspect that something was going on among tropical musicians is that in these 15 years that Taky has been with the singer, he has never named her Bomba. “When he referred to her, he told me that he didn’t know her, that he never met her, everything was weird, do you understand?” And she adds: “Now yes, she says that there is a friendship, but before they said that they did not know each other. I looked at his phone because I was suspicious of him. From so many trips to Tucumán, I was suspicious when she called him and he immediately cut off her call, so that’s why I did it. Now I don’t have contact with anyone from his family, they make their life. I am very alone with all this and sometimes I even wondered if I would be doing the right thing to stay here, because if someone is laughing in my face, I have to do something, and take another course”.

On the other hand, the singer says that her partner had given her to understand that if she told this, no one would listen to her. “Who is going to listen to you if you are nobody, you are very new, you do not have the same trajectory as us? She made me understand this, she didn’t tell me but she trusted that I wasn’t going to say anything. I attacked the ego when I said that ‘the bird no longer sings until it dies’, but I am a person who is very hurt, I don’t have a hundred percent control of my actions, that’s why I look for the distance, but it turns out that he goes for me to search to tell me that I am imagining everything”.

Finally, Taky says that Ricky still hasn’t apologized or clarified how things went. “She just came up to tell me that I’m crazy, that I’m imagining things, that every jealous woman imagines things. And almost everyone knew, I’m finding out now that a lot of people were commenting on this. And what makes me most suspicious are not exactly those messages because they weren’t hot either, what makes me think is that they tell me I’m crazy. From this I no longer trust anything, maybe they wanted me to think this”.

“They brought me a video of the two of them together in 2010, and he told me that he didn’t know her. In that video, he said ‘let’s go on tour here, you follow me, and to top it off, after her he deleted her contact from her phone. It seems that they are the only ones who have the right to suffer, to be sad, because they are the figures and the only ones who can judge, “he concluded.

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