TDTChannels, the best app to watch DTT for free on your mobile, is updated with new channels

TDTChannels It has become one of the best applications to watch DTT on mobile devices, televisions, and even computers. Among its different advantages is the fact that it is an application that receives constant updates with improvements both in its operation and in the addition of content.

In the last few hours, the TDTChannels application has released an update that comes with a couple of improvements and new channels. Yes, to the extensive catalog of channels that the application integrates, there are 5 new channels available completely free of charge. And, it is that, although it has a large amount of content from Spanish channels.

TDTChannels also has a long list of international channels, allowing users to watch any type of content through the use of IPTV. Yes, they are IPTV channels. Yes indeed, they are completely legal since what the application does is serve as a link to the online broadcasts of the different channels.

Despite using these online broadcasts, many networks are not happy with the TDTChannels app serving as a relay point for the different channels. This application has even been blocked from different stores such as the Google Play Store, fortunately, this has ended and it is now available to offer free channels.

TDTChannels is updated with new channels available and completely free

The new list of free channels is as follows: UD Las Palmas TV, PTV Almería, Diez TV Las Villas, Digi24 Rumanía and Canal Extremadura Toros. In addition, the following channels have been updated: EsTuTele, Diez TV Úbeda, PopularTV Murcia, Canal Taronja Osona i Moianés, Canal 4 Teide TV, Fashion TV, Miami TV, LoFi Hip-Hop Beats Music and Beautiful Piano Music.

If you want to try TDTChannels, you have to install the application on the device where you want to enjoy the free channels. Android mobile devices have it somewhat easier since the process is almost automatic, although on iOS devices it is not too complicated either since everything is quite well explained.

In addition, TDTChannels stands above the rest of the applications designed to offer IPTV channels. We have tested several of these applications, such as Tivify, and the result is that, although they have a more aesthetic interface, TDTChannels still offers a greater variety of channels available.

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