Tech News Today, Tuesday, March 14

We have interviewed Carl Peithe founder of Nothing, who has spoken some truths like fists, and has told us interesting things. Do not miss the interview.

Some Spanish operators have begun to use IPv6 natively. we tell you the advantages that you have to access web pages, and how to activate it on mobile.

The famous 100X zoom of the samsung mobiles, is in question. It seems to have less zoom and more AI reinterpretation than it should…

Technological news

You can now use IPv6 on your mobile in Spain: what it is, advantages and how to activate it. read the news

Civil Guard alert of a new scam that uses Income 2022/23 as a hook. read the news

PimEyes, the artificial intelligence face search engine that used faces of deceased people without permission. read the news

Carl Pei, founder and CEO of Nothing: “Foldables do not fill a need, plus the device industry bores me”. read the news

Carl Pei, CEO and founder of Nothing.

ChatGPT fever continues: now the AI ​​will be integrated into your car. read the news


WhatsApp completely changes access to a group. read the news

Samsung and the controversy of false lunar photos: Space Zoom 100x in trouble. read the news

Samsung Galaxy S21 and its lunar photography

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, against the warnings of his team, will launch the Reality Pro in 2023. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Best 10-inch tablets you can buy in 2023. Consult the buying guide

WiFi 6, everything you need to know and the best compatible routers you can buy. Consult the buying guide


Apple AirPods want to be your next medical gadget. read the news

The most common reasons why your WiFi is not working well and how to fix them. read the news

If you go to a hotel, this is what you should clean with disinfectant wipes. read the news

entertainment and gaming

What do the symbols that accompany SkyShowtime movies and series mean?. read the news

The Last Olive, the Andalusian parody of The Last of Us, sweeps away with its first free chapter. read the news

The Last Olive, the parody of The Last of Us shot in Jaén, sweeps with its first chapter

Netflix adds a new feature to “kick” unwanted users out of your account. read the news

Kodi updates Nexus version with new features and many improvements. read the news

science and culture

Google Maps allows you to visit the inside of Chernobyl and it is chilling. read the news

AI apologizes for ‘killing most of humanity’ in post-apocalyptic exhibit. read the news

NASA’s anti-gravity mug that allows astronauts to drink in space. read the news

The curiosities of the day

5 habits that helped Bill Gates amass a fortune of more than 100,000 million. read the news

We visited the Millennium Seed Bank, the Noah’s Ark of plants, reaching 2.4 billion stored seeds. read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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