Tech News Today, Wednesday, March 15

GPT 4 is here. The new generative artificial intelligence of OpenIA it is smarter, it is updated with the latest information, it has more vocabulary, and it accepts images as input, as well as text, among other novelties.

At the same time as the announcement of GPT, its great rival, Googlehas announced that integrates generative AI into Google Docs, Gmail, and the rest of WorkSpace. Also in Google Cloud, and Vertex AI, in addition to presenting new AI tools, such as the PaLM API, or MakerSuite.

The AI ​​war is followed by the satellite internet connection. Amazon has presented the satellite dishes that you will use, while Elon Musk’s Starlink also wants to become operator.

Technological news

ChatGPT-4 is already here: these are its main novelties. read the news

A New Google is Born: Announces a barrage of AI-enabled tools for individuals, developers, and businesses. read the news

Ransomware attacks do not stop and are becoming more dangerous and cruel to the victims. read the news

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Amazon reveals the satellite dishes of its satellite internet connection, the great rival of Elon Musk’s Starlink. read the news

Amazon reveals the satellite dishes of its satellite internet, the great rival of Elon Musk's Starlink


Elon Musk wants Starlink to be your new mobile operator. read the news

The new OnePlus Nord is closer than you think. read the news

Computers and tablets

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360, the most versatile OLED screen for creatives and professionals. Read our analysis and opinion

How to see Chrome’s incognito browsing history and how to delete it. read the tutorial

The best programs to find and update drivers in Windows. Check the list


How ChatGPT and AI bots trick us into thinking they’re human. read the news

Sony has a camera for people with vision problems. read the news

  Sony has a camera for people with vision problems

How to get the most out of your router’s WiFi connection and take it to peak performance. read the tutorial

Best gifts for Father’s Day. Check the list

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All these cheap products now have a version made in Amazon. Check the list

entertainment and gaming

How to watch more than a thousand channels for free on the Internet with Photocall TV. read the tutorial

The only comedy series that draws huge audiences is back, and it may be the last season. read the news

This accessory eliminates cables, reduces consumption and improves the performance of the Amazon Fire TV. read the news

How to properly clean a TV screen so as not to damage it, according to cleaning experts. read the tutorial


The FM radio in Spain has a rope for a while, and no, you will not run out of it in the car. read the news

According to the DGT, this is the ideal maximum speed to save fuel. read the news

eFuel, the synthetic fuel that will save the life of your gasoline car is already a reality. read the news

Why do electric cars need less maintenance than gasoline or diesel cars? read the news

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science and culture

ChatGPT and the world of education: the new class gifted that everyone asks. Read the report

Beyond ChatGPT: 15 artificial intelligence tools that will be very useful for you. Read the report

Beyond ChatGPT: 15 useful artificial intelligence tools

James Webb is unrivaled and pulverizes the Hubble record for the most galaxies together in a single image. read the news

He manages to capture on video the exact moment in which a meteorite hits the Moon. read the news

The curiosities of the day

This is the biggest mistake we all make when we go to an amusement park. read the news

This device detects Airtags and other BLE tags so you won’t be tracked without your permission. read the news

BlueSleuth-Lite: the surveillance device for Apple AirTags

They record on video the immense iceberg the size of Guipúzcoa that has broken off in Antarctica. read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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