The 8 steps: they did not know they had the microphone on and two participants starred in a blooper

The blooper in The 8 Steps

The entertainment cycle the 8 steps, conducted by Guido Kaczka, became one of the most popular programs on the El Trece prime time screen. On this occasion, two participants, called Eugenio and Gimena, they starred in a hilarious blooper while having a conversation unaware the mics were open.

In the final for two million pesos, the contestants tied and had to agree to choose the jury that would ask them the last approximation question. The driver asked them to choose between Carmen Barbieri, Angela Lerena, Pampita Ardohain, Santiago do Rego and Darío Sztajnszrajber.

Eugenio and Gimena argued to select one of the jurors and they did not agree. She loved Carmen, while he preferred Pampita. “Shall we do it by discarding?” Eugenio asked him and his competitor told him that if they did not agree they would assign someone else. “Do you want to continue talking about it? Or do we rule out Pampita and Carmen?” the driver asked them. Both agreed with this proposal.

Then Gimena asked her partner if they could change the jury, without realizing that the microphones were open. “It was Pampita, I looked for you with Pampita, who was even for both of us,” Eugenio replied. “But I don’t know anything about Pampita,” she assured, very nervous.

In the final, the participants had to answer about sport: “What shirt number did Enzo Fernández wear in the last World Cup that Argentina won?” Gimena opted for number 8 and Eugenio, 21. The correct answer was 24 and he became the winner of the two million pesos. In addition, he revealed that he would use the prize for his daughter’s 15th birthday party and to travel to the Rugby World Cup in Paris.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago the cycle was in the news due to the change in its jury panel, with the release of a historical record such as Martin Liberman, the coexistence of Pampita Ardohain and Nicole Neumannny some rumors linked to carmen barbierYo. It is known that this is one of the keys to the program, a panel of judges and topics that rotates permanently, to refresh each program, in addition to the fifth guest, who joins each day to ask questions on the most varied topics.

In this convulsed environment, one thing remained unchanged: Guido’s place in driving, with his proven and unmistakable style that made him one of the best of his generation. During an interview with intruders (America), they asked him about this almost imperceptible style with which he develops his work. “How do you work your person to get out of that place, and so that the people who participate and the jury shine?”, he inquired Karina Iavicoli. “It is something that not only ask me in notes, but also my mother and my friends,” admitted the driver. And after some reluctance, he essayed an explanation.

“It’s something that happened,” began his response. “I do a lot of signing. Marcela (for Taurus) who was on the jury, knows that it is so. I make many gestures of the questions, or of the cameras, and meanwhile I am working with the participants, ”she wielded. In this point, flower of the V contributed another element. “It was for little hair”, sentenced the host, in relation to the emblematic cycle of the ’80s in which Guido took his first steps on the screen.

“You can tell that you enjoy your work, you are a guy who loves doing television, you are producing all day. But the exhibition is what you enjoy the least about this medium, you like to go unnoticed”, the host added. “Yes, it is true that I am a low profile,” conceded the interviewee. “But it is also true that when they recognize you it is that things are working and it means that our work is going well. I develop my function and I feel that this way I contribute more to the program ”, she added.

“We can’t all do everything and we don’t all have the same character,” Kaczka continued, elaborating, citing advice he took and rehearsed over the years. “What I have been trying to learn over the years is to give ball to my intuition and that develops my style a bit. And this is not just for the show ”, closed the television presenter.

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