The Amazfit smart scale, on sale with a 20-euro discount

Dieting and weight monitoring the old-fashioned way is already obsolete, and it is not so important how many kg you weigh but what they are made of, the relationship between fat, muscle and water, well-established concepts in nutrition and endocrinology at this point and that they have a great base ally in technology for users who simply want to lose weight on their own.

Little by little, more and more smart scales have been put on sale, with WiFi or Bluetooth (or both) and above all with an interesting feature, such as the ability to measure body fat percentage. There are many models but today we would like to highlight one, the Amazfit Smart Scale, which drops from 59 euros to 39 euros in two stores like Media Markt and PcComponents.

Amazfit is a brand specialized above all in watches and sports bracelets, so the jump to having a good scale with a fat meter is totally logical, especially for those who already have one of their watches, and that is that with the Zepp application you can integrate, for example, all the calories burned throughout the day and cross them with the data on weight and body fat.

Amazfit Smart Scale


This smart scale measures the percentage of body fat and many other physical values. There are 16 parameters in total that you can consult in your application.

If you do not have an Amazfit watch, there is no problem since the data is still quite complete, with weight, fat, amount of liquid and even the heart rate on the bottom of the foot or a balance test, two elements that weights like this they don’t usually have

You can set up several profiles, one for each member of the house, a way to track the evolution over time and know if the exercise and diet are working or if you should give them a twist.

If you have a baby at home, it has an extra that surely also interests you, and that is that even holding it in your arms it is capable of discerning its weight from yours, so you will not have to go to the pharmacy to calculate its weight more or less accurate. on Telegram on Telegram

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With all these features It goes far beyond its main competitors, especially Xiaomi’s smart scaleone of the best sellers, although it must be said that in its case and from our experience testing it, the precision leaves a lot to be desired.

In the case of Media Markt, shipping is free, although if you prefer you can buy online and choose to pick up at some of its physical stores.

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