The daughter of Sergio Denis faces the Tucuman justice for the death of her father: “They are stopping the cause”

The daughter of Sergio Denis faces the Tucuman justice for the death of her father

These days have been four years since the fall he suffered Sergio Denis at the Mercedes Sosa Theater in Tucumán, which would cause her death a year and two months later, precisely on May 15, 2020. From that moment, her children Barbara, Victory and Frederick they believe that their father’s death was preventable and that is why they decided to move to demand justice.

This Tuesday the 14th, in in the afternoon (America) was introduced Barbara Hoffmann next to the lawyer Diego Colombowho sponsors the family in this case, to recount the complications they face when resolving this issue with the Tucuman justice system.

“We arrived in Buenos Aires last Friday after having spoken with the prosecutor, because we went to see him in Tucumán so that he could give us an answer for what was happening. He is the fourth prosecutor to go through the case. he now he is Mariano Fernandez who has been leading the cause for 11 months. And they answer us that she is investigating the cause, but we understand that the answers they give us are about things that had already been investigated previously. And what we went to claim is that the case is stopped or is being stopped for something we do not understand. Perhaps it is for a political cause,” Barbara said before Karina Mazzocco and the program panel.

Barbara Hoffmann, daughter of Sergio Denis
Barbara Hoffmann, daughter of Sergio Denis

“We are sure that this is the case because the prosecutor already has other records in which he has been appointed to stop cases. He is a specialist for this system. What he does is investigate what has been investigated,” Colombo said. “We are sure that Sergio was killed. An accident is when you cannot foresee it. And this was absolutely predictable. They did nothing to prevent it from happening and this man is not investigating anything,” added the lawyer.

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About how her bond with the singer was after having suffered his fall and being hospitalized, Barbara recounted: “Dad was left in a state of vigil, of minimal consciousness. The only progress that he had in the year and two months that he was hospitalized, is that he had an eye opening, unlike the vegetative state, which he does not experience, or does not usually have. But it was the only thing. That is why we say that he died on March 11 at the Mercedes Sosa Theater, because from that day he was initially in an induced coma, due to how he was physically, and he never woke up again.

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“The prosecutor also claims that he tells us that it is not fully proven that the gateway was not enabled. And from the first day Colombo was in charge of demonstrating this and getting everything that was needed, both the plans and the non-licensing of the municipality, ”he added about the details of the case.

Sergio Denis and his daughter Barbara Hoffmann
Sergio Denis and his daughter Barbara Hoffmann

“At no time did anyone from the theater communicate with us. We were in Tucumán for a whole month, when dad was hospitalized there, and no one approached, they never made themselves available to ask if we needed anything, if we were missing something… That day Governor Manzur was there and he took pictures with me Dad, because it was a private party for the Tucumán sanitation union. And at no time did anyone approach,” Hoffmann said.

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“The theater was closed for only one day, to do the tests. But that same week artists played again in the theater. We would leave the hospital where my father was hospitalized and we would see the gigantographies of the shows that were scheduled, ”he added.

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