The emotional poem that Marcos’s father wrote to his son in Big Brother: “May you never fail to succeed”

Marcos’ emotional hug with his father in Big Brother (Video: Big Brother, Telefe)

Thursday night brought many surprises for the participants of Big Brother. First of all, the little brothers received an unexpected visit from the jurors of master chef led by Wanda Nara. The media, who will soon be the host of the cooking contest, was happy to see some of the players that she had accompanied her to enter the house on the first day of the reality show.

After that fun moment, in which the four little brothers had to prepare a cooking recipe, they fired Wanda, Donato De Santis, Damian Betular and German Martitegui with the classic song they sing when one of them leaves.

Back in the living room of the house, santiago del moro He spoke directly to Marcos. “Today it’s your turn, brother. Who are you waiting for?” he asked. And the man from Salta, very serene, expressed: “I don’t know, for me any of my family who come will love it, it will be a super gift.”

Then the driver announced that this time he was going to be able to hug someone who loves him and that he surely loves a lot too. “Go run to the SUM!”. The participant rushed to the sector and as soon as he entered, he saw the figure of his father behind him and at that moment, he began to cry, while they melted into a long hug.

The extensive hug was moving for the entire public and even for the analysts of the cycle debate. “It’s like there’s some kind of guilt there,” he reflected. Laura Ubfal.

Meanwhile, the camera continued with Marcos and his father, and although they were crying and the microphones were against their bodies so that what they were saying could not be heard clearly, the words of love between them could be heard.

“I love you with all my soul and with all my heart,” the father told Marcos, who was deeply moved. Immediately, he wanted to pull himself together a bit. “Okay, let’s chat,” they added later, but couldn’t stop hugging.

“Everything is perfect at home, I bring you greetings from your mother, she sends her regards, of course, Valentina, they are all looking out for you at all times and in all places,” his father reassured him as soon as he could begin to speak.

Marcos' emotional hug with his father in Big Brother (Photo: Capture Big Brother, Telefe)
Marcos’ emotional hug with his father in Big Brother (Photo: Capture Big Brother, Telefe)

And then he read her a poem that he himself had written for her. “How can you show love to a child simply by looking. However, we can often be wrong. It is part of life and walking, it is part of my life, my heart and thinking. You are the face of my face, which I long to embrace. I want to tell you that my love for you is to affirm that you are the blood of my blood, the longing of my soul that sighs for your well-being, it is a deep desire that I have when walking. May you reach the goal you want to touch, may you never lack perseverance, may you never lack success. God bless you my son, take care of you and do not stop accompanying you. I want you to know, my son, that I will always accompany you.

When he finished, the cousin hugged him again, this time with more force than before. And his father said a few words to him that made him cry even more. “We miss you son and I love you with all my heart. Strength son, encouragement, fight, win, courage. We love you so much, son, all your friends send you a hug, I am in permanent contact with them, you know that they are the treasure of your soul as well”, he reminded him affectionately.

And then he continued with something Marcos was surely waiting to hear. “You are being an example for everyone, always be grateful, son: to this production, to everyone, to friends, to the public and I want to thank you for what you are doing.

The emotional poem that the father of Marcos from Big Brother wrote to his son (Photo: Big Brother, Telefe)
The emotional poem that the father of Marcos from Big Brother wrote to his son (Photo: Big Brother, Telefe)

Del Moro immediately joined the meeting, through the television screen. “Proud with the kid, right? He told him ginocchio.

“The truth is that what Marcos is doing here is an example, not only for us but for the public, I want to thank him for his behavior, which was always like that, polite and supportive of others, and thank you, Santiago, who you support people, and that you always have a word of encouragement for all of us, the relatives,” he told her.

Immediately afterwards, the driver introduced Marcos’s brother, José, who is studying abroad on a scholarship from the University. When the young man greeted him, Marcos began to cry again. “I admire you a lot, you will always be my example, beyond the final result,” his brother told him.

Completely broken, Marcos expressed his feelings. “He is my true example, the person I admire the most and I believe that the four of them, my father, my mother, my sister and my brother are the best prize I have in life. I feel so lucky with God because there are lots of things that come and go, but the most important thing for me was always them because they always knew how to give me the love that I needed”.

Del Moro told him that there was still something else for him. “What is missing I think is going to come in handy and I feel that deep down in your heart you are waiting for it.” And what was missing was the greeting from his mother. Although the parents are separated, his mother sent him a very special message.

“Hello my love, how are you, I hope you are very well, I am super proud of you, I send you a huge kiss,” she said through the screen, and Marcos, excited, hugged his father again.

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