The FM radio in Spain has a rope for a while, and no, you will not run out of it in the car

No, you will not be left without FM radio in Spain. Despite the fact that in the last hours they have become popular news in which they talk about the fact that FM radio in Spain is going to disappear, the reality is different and, in fact, we are going to see the reasons why you have to be calm since you will be able to continue listening to FM radio in your car for many years .

The first thing to take into account are the different reasons why people are coming to believe that the radio in Spain it will disappear. Although it may seem that this is a plot planned to the millimeter, the fault lies with DAB +. DAB+ may not sound like you at all and it’s perfectly normal.

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DAB+ refers to Digital Audio Broadcasting, it is the digital radio. Yes, digitization is reaching all aspects of life and even radio may be affected, or so many users believe. Despite the advantages of digital radio or DAB, FM radio in its analog frequency is still the most widely used.

In fact, the rumors about the end of FM radio come from the movements made in Europe. Over the last few years several countries in Europe have decided to turn off FM radio completely, making this seem like a move that other countries will follow. What happens is that this is not the case and more when it comes to Spain.

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FM radio in Spain will continue to function for many years

Radio is one of the oldest and most popular means of communication that exists. Although today there are various alternatives to listen to music or radio programs, the radio is still a very popular and accessible option for many people. All of this means that DAB and DAB+ have no place in Spain.

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Among the main obstacles to the switch from FM radio to DAB+ is that each Autonomous Community would be responsible for the stations betting on this type of digital signal. As it is a decision raised by communities, it is difficult for it to become a generalized standard in Spain.

In short, FM radio will not disappear and the news that talks about this place unfounded emphasis on the adaptation of DAB + in European countries. Meanwhile, Spain has many years ahead with the radio, which means that you don’t have to worry because you can continue listening to it in the car.

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