The Last Olive, the parody of The Last of Us shot in Jaén, sweeps its premiere

the miniseries The Last Olive It is a project of the Jaén city council, Alex Escudero and Ítalo Roncal. A parody of the great success of HBO Max, The Last of Uswith the olives as protagonists.

The Last Olive can be seen for free, and its first chapter accumulated 20,000 views in the first 12 hours, according to The Contra of Jaen.

In the original series The Last of Us, a fungus infects humans and turns them into ruthless killers.

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In The Last Olivethe Xylella fastidiosaa variant of the real disease that affects olive trees, is transferred to humans through olive oil, turning the city of Jaén into an apocalyptic city, with the risk that the infection spread to all of Spain.

You can watch the trailer here:

The miniseries consists of 4 chapters, which will be released one every Monday. Juan (Álex Escudero), his brother Tomás (Sergio Racionero) and Elena (Claudia Morales), must face the plague avoiding getting infected, while they travel Jaen looking for a cure: the last olive.

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The idea was born as a joke, but finally, with the support of the council, it has become a campaign to promote Jaen and the olive oil among young people, in a different and entertaining way.

The miniseries was scripted and shot in two and a half months and is ready for fans to enjoy.

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Unfortunately, The Last Olive can only be seen On Instagram, which is not the best platform for these things. Although its authors have chosen this social network, because it is supposedly the one that is used the most by the target audience.

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They also plan to make a compilation with the 4 chapters, and publish it on YouTube.

The Last Olivethe paradise of The Last of Us set in Jaendemonstrates the great success that the series of HBO Maxset in the famous PlayStation video game saga.

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